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Coffee To Go

Dawn Harley

Coffee To Go

Ellie's high heels sounded short, quick crunches as they punctured the narrow gravel trail. She made a brief pause to rescue one captured heel point, muttering a soft ‘damn', one bare forearm squeezing a generous bulk of papers against her breasts.

"Mornin', Ellie."

"Huh?" She lifted her gaze from the struggle for a fraction of a second, and the shaky pile spilled down, bathing her legs with a rustling white cascade. Ellie stared with disbelief at the flood of spilled sheets, then slowly straightened up.

"Were you ambushing me, James? Sitting for hours on top of that junk pile – waiting for me to arrive, so - "


James Swygert grinned at her over a half-emptied Starbucks paper-cup and a crumpled newspaper, which was already missing its better hours at the local vender's stand. Half sitting against the front of his old Buick, his quick gaze appreciated the show taking place at hand.

Ellie Ryder was medium-height, but the stilettos made her about three inches taller. She wore a short jacket over a low-neckline shirt, revealing the upper creamy curves of ample breasts. Almost too full considering her slender body, James mused, just almost. Her mid-thigh high skirt bared lean yet muscular thighs, colored with that same smooth creamy white. The thin cloth now tightened against the round, full cheeks of her ass as she made a desperate attempt to bend down and rescue her precious work. Another mystery James leered; how does this ripe ass go with that slim figure? His mind played with the thought of these soft fleshy globes tightening in his hands.

"Would you please give me a hand, James?"

He started at the livid yell and jerked away from his car, throwing the newspaper onto the Buick's loaded front seat through the rolled-down window and tossing the paper cup to be trampled by his feet.

"Cavalry to the rescue!" James knelt beside Ellie's stilettos, a sigh squeezing out. He started gathering the sprawled papers, piling them one on top of the other not too gently.
Ellie stared down at James. Cute ass, she thought as he labored at her feet with his back facing her, jeans faded almost to white hugging his tight buttocks. Mmmmm… yeah, good hands – long, sensitive fingers – and these wild tangles of yellow hair – too bad the guy's so scruffy. She bit her lower lip trying to stop the whirl of upcoming images. Since she had broken up with Jared about six months ago she hadn't slept with anyone else, and lately even the innocent sight of fruits and vegetables made her think about sex, let alone a direct view of a young man's ass.

"I think we're even now." James placed the stack back in Ellie's hands, and his fingers briefly brushed hers. "You know, you're working way too hard for your Eisenstein guy."

"Professor Eisenstein," Ellie pointed out. "He was nominated for a Nobel prize for his chemistry research, so at least give him the credit he

"Whatever." James shrugged. "Still, you're working too hard. All work and no play make Ellie a dull girl."

"Why, look at you." Ellie frowned at the combination of a sports jacket, faded jeans and worn sneakers. "Is that what too much coffee does to your brain? How the hell did Chem-Horizons hire you in the first place?"

"I washed my hair for the job interview." His roguish blue-green eyes lingered on the creamy mounds of her breasts. "Besides, they needed a good programmer."

"Oh." She turned and strutted away toward Chem-Horizons' gleaming dark glass entrance, and his eyes now followed the rhythmic dance of her hips and butt. That's an ass I'd like to fuck. He felt a familiar stirring in his loins. It's been a while since Jennifer and him had split up, and he hadn't had sex for almost too damn months now, besides with himself, that is.

Ellie knocked hesitantly, then pushed open the heavy full wood door and ambled into Eisenstein's capacious office. She had spent most of her morning hours rearranging and tidying up her spilled, trodden sheets, then she'd handed them over to Eisenstein's review, and for the remaining half-hour she'd struggled the old childhood habit of chewing off her burgundy nails. The professor raised his eyes from the papers spread on his oak working desk his gray hair beaming from his head in odd angles.

"Something is missing," Eisenstein said. "Our little brew still needs… something more."

"But we haven't tested it yet, Professor."

"Test it on your mice and rats, then." He relaxed back in his leather chair, his bright blue eyes smiling over his half-moon glasses. "My gut tells me it won't work. Over the years I've learned to trust this old gut of mine." He let out a soft chuckle.

"I have your permission to try it in the lab, then."

He nodded. "It won't hurt. Won't do any good, either, until we find that essential missing ingredient."

James sauntered into the chemistry lab, one hand pocketed, the other clasped around the glass handle of a large coffee mug.

"Anybody called for Support?" He announced into the dimming lab's space, noting that the place was practically empty. His eyes ran over a series of hissing glass tubes fuming with straw-colored fluid. He suppressed a soft shudder. The place looked like the lab of the mad scientist, taken straight from cheesy science fiction movies he had devoured as a child.


"Oh, it's you again."
James swiveled to face a familiar low, husky feminine voice. "Good afternoon Ellie!" He announced with a cheerful tone. God, where is this sexy voice generated in this slim body? He carefully placed his steaming coffee mug by the hissing glass tubes.

"Windows won't start." She frowned at him, slapping the monitor. "I can't get any work done, dammit. I think it's that new Eisenstein application. You fix computers. Fix it."

"Professor Eisenstein, you mean." James grinned wide as he waved her away from her PC, taking her seat by the desk. She peeked over his shoulder and watched his long, lean fingers playing a fluent, quick-paced rhythm on the keyboard. She thought of his fingers trailing long, sensitive lines down her

"All of these glass tubes…" James interrupted, eyes on the PC screen. "Scaring me shitless. What are you cooking in there, honey?"

"Nothing that I can share with you, sweetie."

"Mmmmm-too bad. Sharing is nice." He already got Windows up and running, and focused his attention on Eisenstein's app. Ellie's scent wafted and tangled in his nostrils, hinting Jasmine and fragrances that his numb senses couldn't recognize. He drew a deeper breath.

"Okay, I think I can get this app to work," He stated. "Although… you'll have to tell me some things first."
"Such as?"

"As I get it, your app - Eisenstein's, I mean - is like an elaborate recipe maker. It uses this huge ‘data bank' of ingredients, randomly choosing a different few each time. Then it chooses various processing methods. So, each time you use the app, you get a different…recipe."

"Basically, yes."

"Only these ingredients are not flour, sugar and baking powder; these are chemicals which I don't have the slightest clue even how to pronounce their names. Is one of them… ‘recipes'… contained in these sizzling glass tubes over there, right now?"


"What is it that you're working on, you and Eisenstein?"

Ellie leaned close above his right shoulder, mumbling softly in his ear. "I don't see how this specific piece of knowledge has anything to do with you fixing my computer," she whispered.

James swiveled in his chair to face her, his jeans-clad knees touching her bare legs. "But it does…" He said softly. "Have something to do with it." His hands, seeming to have a will of their own, rose to hug Ellie's thighs through her skirt. She froze, her breath hesitant. His hands moved in slow circles, gently caressing her flesh through the thin cloth, sliding slowly to her ass. His eyes were tight on her face, blue-greens meeting a honey-brown gaze.

"I still don't… see…" Ellie whispered, lowering herself over him placing her small hands on his shoulders, "why do you need to know this."

She felt his hands on her ass and spread her legs slightly, her breath and her pulse taking on a quicker pace. What the hell am I doing, her mind screamed at her. James pulled her closer between his widely spread legs as he pushed her skirt up her thighs, his fingers claiming to themselves more of this smooth cream.

"James…" Ellie moaned, something alien shifting behind her eyes. She arched her back and her neck, hands pressed tight into his shoulders, her long black hair flowing down her back.

"Mmmm…" He mouthed against her tummy, lips and teeth pressed into her shirt. She gasped as he pulled down her slips, burying his fingers in the flesh of
her ass, softly kneading, squeezing.
"Tell me what you're working on…" He mumbled, biting her shirt, tugging it away from her skin.

"I'm… Aaaahhh…" A loud groan escaped her as he pulled one hand from her ass and buried it between her thighs, his fingers parting damp dark curls, spreading her delicate nether lips, finding the throbbing nub of her clit.

"Tell me…" James moved his fingers in slow circles, massaging her clit, coaxing a soft yell out of her mouth. His other hand slid deeper between the tightening globes of her ass, finding the muscular ring of her butthole, teasing it.

"Can't…" Ellie breathed, head thrown back, eyes tightly shut. Her hips and her ass danced as she slowly rocked against James's hand, soaking his fingers with her juices, screaming as his fingers slid farther between her lips and found her entrance, slowly burying themselves inside her.

"CAN'T…" She screamed again, rocking faster, harder against him as his fingers worked deep inside the wet heat of her core.

"Yes… you can…" His hand in her ass rocked her against him, and he felt her wild panting and the sudden jerk as her pussy tightened forcefully around his fingers in short, quick squeezes. Ellie's whole body shivered with her climax, her knees buckling beneath her.

James pulled his soaked hands away and grabbed Ellie's slim waist, steadying her as she trembled, pulling her down to sit on his knees, her back to his face.

"Please, tell me… Can't you see…" He mumbled into her ear, smoothing away a sweaty black tangle – "That this is not normal – we're not acting as our normal selves… There's something in this lab…" His mind told him, Stop, this is chem.-lab, the lab door is wide open, for Christ-sake. His hands thought differently and trailed up Ellie's ribcage as he hugged her from behind, pushing Ellie's shirt up as they moved, huddling her shirt over his wrists.

"You're… right…" Ellie leaned back against his chest. "I think it's that last recipe I made according to Eisen – Eisenstein's app - " She cupped her hands over his, leading him to her breasts.

James gave a soft moan, fondling the peaks of warm, soft cream he'd glimpsed earlier today through her shirt. He pushed down her demi-bra and her nipples popped out, tightening against his teasing fingers. Her back arched into him and she groaned, her nipples hard beneath his fingers, familiar wetness spreading between her thighs again. The rough caress of his jeans against her naked ass and bare thighs sent her mind into hazy swirls. She felt his erection through the rough cloth of his denim.
"That last recipe…" James felt true ache in his loins. He was biting Ellie's earlobe as he spoke. "It's the same one in there, isn't it?" He motioned with his chin to the babbling straw-colored fluid in the transparent test tubes.

"Uh-huh…" She drew a shuddering breath, her butt moving against the bulge in his crotch. "I'd better… better… go take a closer look…"

Ellie tore herself away from his hands, almost stumbling over her own slips that still hugged her ankles. Unthinkingly she kicked them away, a risky maneuver considering she was still in her stilettos. Hurriedly pushing her skirt and her shirt down, she tumbled towards the work platform loaded with its mesh of tubes. James stifles a sigh as she left him cold, his eyes on her ass.

"Oh," she said, leaning against the glossy platform.

"What?" James dragged himself from the chair to his feet, and ambled to her side. "Something wrong?" The aroma he smelled on her earlier seemed stronger here. It made his thoughts swim and tumble across each other.

"I was thinking…" Ellie uttered with clear effort. "This last recipe wasn't working before on my lab rats. So, I was thinking – what has changed - " Her hand smacked his coffee mug gently. "This is new. Your coffee's aroma mixing into my recipe's vapors. The missing ingredient."

A smile played on her lips. A fine sweat trickle slid down her cheek from her temple and for some reason it made James go nuts. His hands slid around Ellie's narrow waist.

"The missing ingredient… to what?" He mumbled from behind, his erection pressing against her ass.

"Well… to put it simply… To a love potion…" Closer to her tubes and his coffee she felt her blood steaming again. Her nipples tightened, exposed against her shirt.

"A LOVE POTION?" James nipped at her ear, sliding his lips to nibble at her neck, hugging her tight against his throbbing cock.

"Y… Yeah…" Ellie moaned, sending her hand back, tangling it in his full yellow hair.

"You're not serious…" James cleared the work-platform with one arm-sweep, sending his mug and a mound of test tubes shattering and splashing against
the lab's floor.

"JAMES!" Ellie screamed.

"WHAT…" James swiveled Ellie to face him and easily picked her up by her waist, settling her ass on the shiny platform. He spread her thighs wide and she didn't object, just stared at him wide-eyed and breathless. He unzipped his jeans, cursing slightly, the heavily scented air tantalizing his senses and clouding his thoughts. Releasing his bobbing cock, he stepped between Ellie's parted thighs and entered her with one clean thrust.

"JAMES!" She cried again, her thighs embracing him tightly, gathering him into her. Her stilettos knocked and clashed behind him. His hard cock filled her to the brim, stretching her walls, any tiny movement teasing her sensitized flesh.

"What…" He moaned against her skin, biting her neck. She wrapped her arms around him and clung to his shoulders as his ass rocked, sliding his cock in and out of her wet hug in a growing pace. Her hips and her butt danced again answering his movements, and she sank down and back against the now-empty platform. He drove his shaft deep inside her as she lay with her back flat against the table, her skirt pushed up to her waist. Her naked pale thighs were covered with a thin film of sweat and tangled around him. She screamed, her fingers outstretched and searching for something to hold on to, her burgundy nails helplessly scratching the smooth platform.

He leaned over her, his cock buried deep inside, pushing her shirt up again, his hands squeezing her breasts. He crouched lower and closed his mouth around a tight nipple and a swollen pink areola, licking and biting, traveling a wet tongue across her chest to her twin breast, suckling forcefully.

"GOD, JAAAAAMES!" Ellie screamed and purred, writhing wildly beneath him, rocking and pushing, impaled on his cock.

Fire raced through his loins and he shot his cum deep inside her with a wild thrust, holding her by her waist close against him.

He felt the tight fist-squeeze of her pussy as she came with him, arching towards him, shuddering violently, screaming his name.

He slowed his movements inside her, pulling gently out of her. She twisted away and gathered her hips into her, struggling to sit up, her face wearing
a confused expression.

"Ellie…" He whispered when he could catch his breath, pulling his jeans back up his butt, zipping himself. "I truly don't know what came over me…"

"The air conditioning…" Ellie mumbled between broken gasps. "It finally cleared it all. The combination of my potion's and your coffee's fumes."

He did his best to look away as she tidied herself up. She glanced at the lab's door and a realization hit her, that the damn door was wide openthrough the whole thing. Her face took on an intense red.

"At least now I can tell that it works…" She mumbled. "Three long years of nothing, and now…" She shook her head.

"I wish I hadn't spilled it all." He looked embarrassed at the mess of glass shreds, coffee and clear liquid on the floor.

"I have it all in there." Ellie pointed at the computer. "Just one thing, though…"


"Which brand of coffee were you drinking?" She grinned.

Dawn Harley is a 30 years old medical doc, living in Israel. She's an enthusiastic reader of erotica, fantasy and science fiction each genre apart or all nicely blended together, and she loves even more to try and write other stuff than boring medical papers. She does her best to keep track of the various pen names she's using.
Copyright Dawn Harley, Year 2002

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