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Beach Cum

I glanced over at my new neighbor, and found that he was a young guy, just
about my age. He hadn't taken his clothes off, and I dismissed him as a
voyeur, someone who had just come to lurk and stare at the naked bodies of the few
women who came to the beach once in awhile.

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This is a true story I'd like to share. I mean, I never thought of myself as
an exhibitionist, I don't go and look for opportunities that is, although I
have enjoyed girls sitting next to me on the bus when the vibrations make me
get hard... I'm sure a lot of you guys know what I mean. (Sweats and boxer
shorts, a deadly combination.)

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Vintage Wine

I had been living in the apartment building for three years. The two women had been next door for the past two. Over the course of time, we exchanged the typical pleasantries and small talk. Eventually we developed a comfortable but relatively casual relationship. I would help them out if they needed some heavy work done or if something needed fixing. They would reciprocate by presenting me with some delicious baked goodies, especially around the holidays.

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"I felt Rob's legs stiffen and relax as he pumped hot thick cock cream into
my ass, I was no longer an anal virgin I thought as a silly smile came on to
my face. Rob pulled out of my ass and rammed his sticky shit colored cock into
my clean pink cunt.

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The thing I hate most about breaking up with men, is the lack of accessibility to the one asset I love the most: their cock. When I do have access, that is when I'm in a relationship, I like to be aggressive and I like my men aggressive. Sometimes I pick a fight just to get my man started up, but this time it backfired. I guess Adam took me seriously this time. Anyway, I'm manless and in dire need for some action. .

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Shameless in Chicago

Abby banged her shin painfully on a chair in her haste to escape the conference room. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No-one seemed to have, so she fled the room gratefully. It was altogether too hot and stuffy in there, and the director of Tech Support was altogether too distracting.

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When my husband and I last visited St. Martin in November and December, we spent a day on clothing-optional Cupecoy Beach, where you never know what you might see or experience. It's a very sexually-charged beach. We weren't disappointed.

It was getting late in the afternoon and there were only a few people left on the beach.

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Horny stripper

I heard my song blasting in the background and started to strut down the stage. To tell you the truth, being a stripper is exciting at first, but I've been doing the same routine for almost a year, 4 nights a week. It's getting kind of boring. Sure being watched by hundreds of men still gives me the thrill, I simply love showing off my body.

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The Toy Box: Wild Ride Vibrator

--- I don't ever think of myself as a connoisseur of sexual toys, but I know what I like and I know how to use it. ---

The name said it all. I just stared at the name of the toy for what seemed forever before I actually even bought it. It produced images of countless orgasms and pure blissful fun.

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New Neighbors

"It's been one long winter and today its 80 degrees and sunny, and Lisa hasn't been laid in a month. She is a 30 something female that's hitting her sexual prime, brown hair and eyes, 5'7" and a body that drives most guys wild. Her mind is constantly thinking of sex, and her pussy is constantly wet from lustful thoughts that just consume her.

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Coffee To Go

Ellie's high heels sounded short, quick crunches as they punctured the narrow gravel trail. She made a brief pause to rescue one captured heel point, muttering a soft ‘damn', one bare forearm squeezing a generous bulk of papers against her breasts.

"Mornin', Ellie."

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May & September

Max had no idea why he had avoided it for so long; possibly because it was so new and foreign to him, but finally he realized it was time to take his business "on line". To facilitate this, he checked out a few companies which could set up a web site, and would then nourish and comfort him while getting started. After much debate, he finally settled on one company and made an appointment to meet with the person who would be his contact with the web site company and help initiate the starting process.

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Rain Dance

We met years ago, two strangers who became friends and later lovers. You are stunning now as you were then, but life and obligations have allowed us to drift apart. We are no longer open with all our feelings and emotions yet we still hang on by a thread at this thing we call marriage.

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A Change of Opinion

I used to hate minivans. In my opinion there was only one thing worse – and that was a full sized van! Most of the time, when you end up behind one, you're in a no-passing zone and the van is going 10 miles below the speed limit. And then again, you can't exactly see around one. You can't tell what traffic up ahead is doing and so you are completely at the mercy of the Van's driver, and let's face it - anyone who can't keep to within 5 miles of the speed limit has questionable judgment.

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Suzanne's Shorts

I was sitting; so when she bent over, I could see just the inside of her innermost thigh and light pink panties that peeked out from her starched shorts. They weren't even short shorts, really. When she stood up straight they fit her just fine, like average white shorts with iron creases running along the front and back; but the legs were so wide on her small frame that when she bent over, they pulled upwards like a stiff rod. The crease of her buttocks was inviting. It took some concentration to keep my hand from reaching over and grabbing her by the waist.

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The Truth About Scorpios

The first thing Rhianna did after unpacking was to head for the hotel bar. It had been an exhausting drive up from London. The least the company could do was to turn a blind eye to a few extras on her expense account.

The place was more crowded than she'd expected it be. Her delegates weren't due to arrive until the following morning. But the room was filled with unfamiliar faces and bodies in vivid, unconventional clothes.

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First Threesome

We were in her Van, parked at the top of the cliffs at Black's Beach the first time I brought the subject up. I had always wanted to watch my wife fuck another guy while I was watching, but she didn't want any part of it. Maybe my girlfriend would be more receptive to the idea. Our affair was over a year old at the time and calming down some from the frenetic start we enjoyed.

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Biker Girls

Lena was riding her John Player Norton. I, as usual, was on the LeMans. The big Guzzi throbbed between my legs as we swept through the turns one after another. The Goose has a stiff suspension; there's something very sexy about the way the firm seat fits between my thighs, how the bike bucks over big bumps.

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