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AC/DC: - Person who enjoys both same sex and opposite sexual activity. Bi, bisexual.

Adult: - Euphemism for pornography.

Adult Play: - Sex play or swinging.

Airtight: - Involves one woman and three men. The woman has one man in her mouth, one in her pussy and one in her ass.

American Culture: - Missionary position - man on top.

Anal Intercourse: - Sometimes called ‘Greek’.

Analingus: - Oral stimulation of the anus of one partner by the other.

Arts: - Euphemism for cultures or fetishes.

BBW: - Big beautiful women.

B&D: - Bondage and discipline. A sexual fetish in which the ‘Dominant’ partner uses restraints such as leather straps, ropes, chains or cloth to tie the ‘Submissive’, who is a willing sexual participant.

Can Entertain: - Advertiser willing to invite others to their home for swinging.

Can Travel: - Advertiser willing to travel to your home for swinging.

Caning: - A spanking fetish using a light cane.

Cheating: - Sexual activity with others without consent or knowledge of spouse.

Clean: - Related to personal hygiene and being free of sexually transmitted diseases.

Closed Swinging: - Sexual interaction among couples using separate rooms in the same house.

Closet Swinger: - A person who hides that he or she is a swinger.

Couple: - In swinging, a man and woman who may be married, may live together or may be a single couple dating for swinging purposes.

Couple: - Euphemism for Fetishes or the Arts.

Cunnilingus: - Stimulation of the clitoris or vagina by the mouth.

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D/D Free: - Drug and disease free.

Dildo: - An artificial penis, usually made of rubber or plastic, for sexual stimulation of the vagina or the anus.

Director: - The person who operates a swing club.

Discipline: - A sexual fetish in which the Dominant partner subjects the willing Submissive partner to physical punishment. Can range from physical restraint to mild spankings to painful beatings.

Discretion: - The exercise of caution among swingers when sending mail or speaking on the phone so that children, friends or family are not made aware of swinging activity.

Docile (Submissive): - Willing to submit to bondage and/or discipline.

Dominant: - The sexual partner who controls the willing Submissive partner.

English Culture: - Sexual stimulation from spanking or caning.

Exhibitionist: - A person who is stimulated by showing sexual parts of his or her body and enjoys being watched while performing sexual acts.

Facial: - Cumming on the face.

Fellatio: - Sexual stimulation of the penis by the mouth.

Fetish: - Sexual arousal and pleasure through use of non-sexual objects and actions or non-sexual parts of the body.

Flagellation: - Sexual stimulation derived from pain - usually spanking or whipping.

French Culture: - Oral-genital sexual activity.

‘Friends First’ Swingers: - People who prefer to get to know others before having sex by engaging in some form of non-sexual activity.

Fun and Games: - Euphemism for sexual activity.

Gang Bang: - One woman having sex with many men.

Group Room: - Room set aside for group sex - usually with wall to wall mattresses.

Group Sex: - Sexual activity between three or more people - swinging.

Hard Core: - A swinging get-together where sexual activity is expected.

Hedonist: - A individual who lives for pleasure.

Hung: - Refers to a man with a large penis.

Indoor Sports: - Refers to swinging activities in general.

Interested in Friendship: - A swinging relationship that is not limited to sex but includes social activities as well.

IRL: - In Real Life - used in ads or online chat.

ISO: - In Search Of.

Marital Aids: - Vibrators, dildos, other objects used for sexual pleasure.

Masochism: - Sexual gratification derived from receiving pain or being humiliated by others.

Master/Slave: - Participants in a Bondage and Discipline sexual relationship.

Matroom: - Room set aside for group sexual activity.

Meet for Pleasure: - Desire to meet for swinging sex only with no social or other activity wanted.

Menage A’ Trois: - Three people in a swinging activity: two of one sex, one of the other.

NASCA: - North American Swing Club Association. Promotes swinging as a viable and beneficial lifestyle.

Newcomers (Newbies): - First-timers in swinging.

Off-Premise: - A party or club where people go to meet and greet. No swinging takes place on the premises.

On-Premise: - A club where meeting, socializing and swinging can all take place.

Open Swinging: - All sexual activity takes place in the same room - whether it be groups or couples.

Orgy: - Sexual interaction between several men and women in the same room; group sex.

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Party: - Three or more people getting together for swinging.

Party Clothes: - Clothing specifically worn to swing parties. Lingerie, robes, etc. that are revealing and easily removable.

Party House: - Swing club that has a regular schedule of on-premise swinging parties. No membership offered or required.

Passive: - Docile and submissive in swinging.

Play: - Euphemism for sex or sex play.

Pro: - Prostitute or paid escort.

Recreational Swinger: - Someone who practices swinging strictly as a diversion with no desire for friendship.

Restraint: - Mild bondage used in acting out sexual fantasies.

Roman: - Orgies, group sex.

Rubber: - Sexual stimulation through the use of rubber usually used in B&D. Also, a condom.

Safe Word: - Specific word or phrase agreed upon by a couple to let the other know when level of discomfort experienced in B&D.

Single: - Swinger without a partner - married or single.

Social: - Gathering sponsored by swing club or magazine for swingers to meet and greet. No swinging on premises.

Soft Swinging: - Same room sex with someone other than partner where all activities may be experienced with the exclusion of intercourse.

Straight: - A person not interested in homosexual activity or does not use drugs - also used by swingers to refer to a non-swinger.

Submissive: - One who desires to be dominated.

Swapping: - Two couples exchange partners for sexual activity.

Swing Magazine: - Caters to the swinging community. Carries personal ads for swingers wishing to meet like-minded others.

Threesome: - Two of one sex, one of the other for swinging activity.

Ticket: - A female brought to a swing party by a male to allow him to gain entrance. She usually has no intention of participating in sexual activity.

Transvestite: - A man who is sexually stimulated by wearing woman’s clothing - not necessarily homosexual.

Versatile: - Bisexual.

Voyeur: A person who enjoys watching others engaging in sexual activities.

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