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May & September

Lea Howard

May & September

Max had no idea why he had avoided it for so long; possibly because it was so new and foreign to him, but finally he realized it was time to take his business "on line". To facilitate this, he checked out a few companies which could set up a web site, and would then nourish and comfort him while getting started. After much debate, he finally settled on one company and made an appointment to meet with the person who would be his contact with the web site company and help initiate the starting process.
The appointed time arrived and Max was pleasantly surprised as a very attractive young woman was ushered into his office. The first thing Max notice as the young woman entered, besides her good looks, was her size. The young lady was very diminutive. Max is a big man at 6'4", weighing around 210 pounds and when he stood up to shake her hand, he noticed he was perhaps a foot taller. When he glanced down at her hand in his, it looked like a child's hand nestled in his big paw.
She introduced herself as Loni and as she spoke, Max thought that her voice was very sexy and it also seemed to be very low pitched for such a small individual. Loni wore her dark hair cut short and it made her lovely face look almost boyish. Her clothing consisted of a loose fitting; long-sleeved top and tan overalls, extremely baggy and loose fitting and Max couldn't tell a thing about her figure. The more he looked at this young lady, the more he thought she resembled a young lad on his way to school; not a young business woman who was going to take him into the cyber world of commerce.
Throughout their meeting, Max found Loni to be extremely bright and articulate, however; best of all was her refreshing sense of humor. He had been concerned he would not be able to totally understand the whole process his business was about to go through, however Loni made sure that Max understood each facet of what was going to happen. Their initial meeting lasted over 2 hours and at the end, both felt a lot had been accomplished. The next meeting was scheduled and she left.
Max didn't think much about her until the time for their next appointment arrived. Her outfit was still just as baggy as the first time, different, but still consisted of loose fitting clothing. Try as hard as he could, Max felt she still looked like a young boy on his way to school.
Throughout this meeting each of them found they had become totally relaxed with one another. She told a couple of real cute jokes and Max was becoming aware of himself enjoying this young lady. As they finished up, their next appointment was set. Once again she showed up clad in her loose, baggy clothing and by now Max had to admit, he was starting to wonder, more than just a little what she might look like under all of her baggy outfits. And, once again, Max enjoyed the meeting and this time as he walked her to the elevator, he found he almost regretted it was time for her to leave. While standing in front of the elevator, they chatted for several minutes before she finally left. Three more meetings went the same way; each time ending with Max walking her to the elevator and finding he was having regrets the meetings were over. And, each time she showed up dressed in her baggy clothing, looking more like a schoolboy than a young woman. Max hated to admit it, but he was very curious about what she looked like under that baggy clothing, however; that had nothing to do with the fact he really looked forward to each new meeting.


It was after their 6th meeting and the next night was a Friday night which he had made arrangements to meet an old buddy at a local watering hole. Max and his friend met and had several drinks at the bar. Eventually his friend excused himself to go to the men's room and as Max was resting on his elbows on the bar, he felt someone lean up against his back. He turned around and gazed down into Loni's' cute pixie face.
"Whatcha doin' here?" she inquired.
"I could ask the same of you." He grinned at her, and then continued, "I am here with an old friend of mine."
"Come here often?"
"No, first time! I was just meeting a friend for drinks … and you?"
"I thought I was supposed to meet my date here tonight, but he hasn't shown up yet." She paused, then wrinkled her nose and continued, "He's not real prompt!"
At this point Max's friend returned from the restroom and Max slid off the bar stool to introduce them. While they shook hands, he had the opportunity to step back and take a much better look at Loni.
Tonight there was no baggy clothing! Anything but baggy, oh no, tonight Loni wore a very tight dress in a dark red color, cut low in the front, showing deep cleavage. The color looked great against her skin tone and with her dark hair. Even though she was small in size, her body was divine in shape. Actually, Max was bowled over at what a cute shape she had, and why she kept it under wraps all of the time was beyond him. Max had known women in the past, who were small in stature, yet their bodies were perfect and she was one of those rare beauties.
The three of them chatted for a while and then Loni excused herself to go and see if she could find her date. Max's friend needed to get going so they headed towards the entrance where they chatted for a few moments more and then Max's friend headed off for his car while Max made his way out to his.
By the time Max reached the car, he realized he had had quite a few drinks on an empty tummy. Max sat for a while in the car, hoping his head would clear enough for him to drive home and as he was sitting there, he even considered leaving the car parked for the night and taking a taxi home. While waiting for his head to clear, Max noticed Loni, and a man he assumed to be her date, walking by in front of the car. It was obvious they were fighting about something as they were both shouting at each other and she kept pushing him away. A few feet past his car, her date said something, which must have really upset Loni because she stopped, pushed him very firmly, turned and started walking the opposite way. The man reached out quickly and grabbed her arm and spun her around. Once he had grasped her arm with both of his hands, she tried immediately to pull away from him, however;' he refused to let her go and she shouted something at him. Max saw him let go of her with one hand and then that hand lashed out and slapped her full across the face. Her free hand flew to her cheek and he reached out, grabbed her arm once more and began to pull her along behind him. By now she was trying really hard to pull away … finally he jerked her hard enough that she slipped and fell down. Instead of letting her go, he just held onto her arm and started to drag her along behind him.
Without realizing what he was doing, Max jumped out of the car, yelling at the man dragging Loni to stop and let go of her. The man paused and turned his head, still pulling on her arm.
"Get back in your car asshole. This is none of your business."
Max wondered later if it had been the liquor talking as he retorted, "I just made it my business. Take your hands off her." Max paused and when he didn't let her go, he told him more forcefully, "I'll not tell you again!" Max had no idea what he would do if the man didn't let her go.
Finally the man let go of her arm and Loni slumped to the ground, where she lie in a heap. As Loni's date started to walk towards Max, he glared and snarled, "Stay out of this old man. Get in your car while you can!"
When he reached Max, he put his hand on Max's chest and started to push him backwards. The man was a couple of inches shorter than Max and once the man's hand was centered on Max's chest, he quickly crossed his arms firmly across his chest, trapping the man's hand. Max then leaned towards the man slightly and dropped as hastily as he could to his knees. As Max's knees hit the ground, he heard something snap in his opponent's arm and the man screamed in pain, quickly throwing himself to the ground trying to break Max's hold. With the man's hand now released. Max slowly stood up, towering over him. Max told him to get up and leave. Standing there, Max noticed as the prone man started to pull up one of his legs and Max assumed the man was going to try and kick him. Max would be the first to admit he was not proud of his next move, but as the man's leg started to move, Max lashed out and kicked the downed man first, as hard as he could in the man's face. When Max stepped back, he saw the figure lying on the ground now had blood on his face from either his lip or nose, being split open.
Loni by now had gotten up off the ground and was standing next to Max, sobbing and shivering with either cold, or fear, or both. Max put his arm around her and she turned her face into his jacket. Loni was sobbing and when Max Hasked if she was OK, she nodded her head in the affirmative against his chest. When Max asked her if she had a ride home, she shook her head no. He slipped his coat off and slipped it over her shoulders; pointed out his car and told her to go sit in it and he would take her home.
Max stepped to the prone figure and snatched him off the ground, pulling him to his feet. Max had steeled himself as he had picked the man up and he made every effort to look as if picking the injured man up was no sweat. The man was crying now and holding his damaged arm, his face covered with blood. Max pushed him away and told him to go home and if Loni ever mentioned his name again, Max was going to come and find him and break the other arm.
It was all Max could do not to laugh at himself as this was pretty bold talk for an old fat man. Loni's date was at least 20 years younger than Max and Max realized he had been very lucky things had gone as well as they had. The man glared at Max for a moment and when Max started to step towards the injured man, he shambled off to his car. Max stood there and waited until the man had his car started and had driven away. By now, Max's head was much clearer from the drinks he had consumed and he thought he was sober enough to drive.
Max slid into the car seat and as he bent his knees to get in, he noticed both knees were torn in his pants and he could now feel one of them was bleeding from dropping to the ground so quickly. Loni had seen the pants in the car dome light as he slid in and she put her hand on his leg. "Are you hurt?" She inquired.
"I think I just mainly tore my pants, but one knee does feel kinda warm."
"I am so sorry, but thanks for coming to my rescue. I was so scared when he jerked me off my feet and started to drag me"
Max glanced over at her and saw one side of her face was getting puffy from the slap she had received. Max also noticed her cute dress was now torn and dirty with one strap torn loose and one of her breasts very close to popping out. Max pointed to the front of her dress and mentioned an accident was very close to happening. Loni quickly gathered the coat around her neck and told him where she lived.
They drove to her place in silence and once there, Max parked the car, came around and opened her door, helping her out of the seat. When they reached her apartment she opened the door and turned to him. "Please come in … just for a while."
Multiple feelings coursed through Max. Basically he felt that it was not a good idea to enter her place, he knew that he was very attracted to her, but the difference in their ages loomed large in his mind. "No, I think I need to get on my way."
She reached up and put her hand on his cheek. "Please stay! I don't what to be alone right now." They stood there looking at each other for what seemed a very long time. Finally Loni whispered again, "Please!"
Max never understood why he relented, but finally he did. "I'll come in … just for a minute."
Loni's apartment was really cute. One wall was a book shelf extending from floor to ceiling full of books and a stereo system. There was a large overstuffed couch with various other chairs and lamps scattered through out the room. Once inside, Loni showed him to the couch and told him to sit while she changed. In just a few moments she came back out barefooted, now dressed in white sweats and holding a cold, wet washcloth against her swollen face.
She came and knelt in front of Max, examining each knee of his trousers and then looked up at him. "The pants are kinda toast and your right knee seems to be bleeding. Take off your pants and I'll get something to clean it out."
"NO!" He blurted out. Max could see he had startled her. He grinned sheepishly and then quickly explained, "I never wear any underwear."
"Take ‘em off anyway and I won't look … tuck your shirt between your legs or something. Your knee needs attention."
As she left the room, Max stood and quickly pulled down his pants. As he sat back down on the couch he tried tucking his shirt between his legs trying to cover his groin as best as he could. The leather was cool against his bare bottom and he really wished his tie was longer and a lot bigger. Without his pants in the way, Max saw one knee was really split open and bleeding while the other one only had a few abrasions on it.
Loni returned with a fresh, wet washcloth and a towel. She knelt in front of him and very gently put the wet rag on his knee while he tried not to jump. She was very tender as she held the cloth in place, picking it up occasionally to see if the seeping blood had slowed down. After the rag was blood soaked, she stood and went off to wash out the rag. This time when she returned it was very cold and she held it tightly against the knee to stem the bleeding. Once she was satisfied the bleeding was slowed as much as she could make it, she went off in search of a spray can of disinfectant to put on it. Again Max tried to be cool and not leap off the couch when she sprayed it, even though it really stung.
When she left the room again, Max heard her call back from another room, asking if he wanted something to drink. He told her he had had enough for one evening and thanked her. Since she was out of the room, Max stood up and pulled up his pants. When he sat down, the material of the pants pulled across the damaged knee and created a great deal of discomfort.
Loni returned with a large bandage in one hand and some tape and scissors in the other. Seeing he had pulled up his pants, she glared and told him to stand up and take them down; notifying him she was not finished with the knee. Max just sat there for a moment and she told him again, "Stand up and pull ‘em down. Now!" He did and as he sat, Max tried to quickly tuck his shirt tails in around his balls.
"Shy are we?" She coyly asked.
"No, just a bit embarrassed if you have to know." She laughed and knelt by the injured knee and very carefully started to put on the patch. When she had finished, she reached down and started to slip off his shoes.
"What are you doing?" Alarm showing in his voice.
"Taking off your shoes and then your pants. I want you to put up your feet and relax. I am going to see what I can do to close the holes in your pants until you can get home. I'd offer you a pair of my sweats … but …" They both had to laugh at her joke.
Max really wanted to leave as he didn't feel at all comfortable being at her place. It was not that he didn't like being with her, he just felt he no longer trusted his feelings and how he should act around this lovely young woman. Max felt he was way too old for her, but being a male, he still had noticed what a lovely woman she was. However, since he had no good excuse to leave, he picked up his feet as he had been instructed and let her slip off his shoes and then the damaged pants.
She slid an ottoman in front of him, picked up his feet and placed them on it. Loni found a blanket, placed the cold cloth on his other knee and laid the blanket over his bare legs. At least now he felt a bit more protected.
While Loni was looking for some safety pins, Max loosed his tie and relaxed into the couch. Loni returned and started to try and close up the tears in the pants. As she worked, she looked up at Max and scrunched up her face, "I am afraid that these pants are wasted … I am really sorry you ruined them helping me."
"Forget about it, I'd do it again. I just was so angry when I saw him pull you off your feet and then start to drag you along. I knew I had no choice, I had to do something."
"What do you mean … why?"
"Why did you feel you HAD to get involved?"
"I know you, you're a friend. I guess, I could even say I have special feelings about you…" Max knew that he was treading on thin ice now … "and it really upset me to see you being treated like that. I just couldn't sit there and watch him abuse you like that."
Loni paused a few seconds and then looked at Max with a strange look on her face, "Do you really have … special feelings for me?"
There was no doubt now that the ice was getting even thinner. Max paused a few seconds to consider his next answer. "Loni, I have noticed with each visit to my office, I've enjoy being with you more and more. Yesterday, before your last visit I found I was really looking forward to it. And … well, once you were gone, there was regret it was over. I like it when you come and I am sad to see you leave!"
"You know … I feel the same way?" Loni sat the pants down, stood and walked over to the couch. She proceeded to lie down and then placed her head in his lap. She stared up at Max for a while and then smiled and asked, "Do you mind my head in your lap?"
Max told her that he did, but she made no effort to move. As she lay there looking up at him, he found he was slowly losing his resolve. She grinned up and winked, telling him, "Thanks again. I had no idea he was so violent."
Max really wished that she would sit up. He wanted so much to caress her face and touch her hair, but he felt that was inappropriate. To change the subject, he asked her, "I know it's none of my business, but what were you doing with somebody … well … like him anyway?"
"We have been dating for a while. I like his … I mean I liked his company, but I knew I really didn't care for a long-term relationship with him. I feel bad saying this, but he was … like … handy? A known quantity! If you know what I mean?"
"I think so. What set off the argument?"
"Well, to be honest, in a way, you did?"
Max jumped a little and she told him to sit still. She laid there in thought, staring at the ceiling for a while and then started to explain, "Like I told you … over the past few weeks, as our meetings progressed … well, I found I was looking forward more and more to our next meeting." Max could feel his heart beating faster, "I find that I enjoy spending time with you, I think you are very young at heart, but because of your age, you are also mature and that is something I need in a relationship. My best relationships have been with older men. I'll admit you are a little older than anyone I have ever dated before, but I adore your great sense of humor and we seem to feel the same about so many different subjects. I think you are a very attractive man. I have wondered about the 2 of us and what it would be like." She paused and then continued, "Anyway, seeing you tonight and having our short talk which stirred up my feelings about you some more, then seeing Bob and being mad at him for being late, well, I just started to pick at him. He was angry about something else to start with and when I asked him why he was so late, he snapped at me. Things got out of hand and you saw the end. I really don't know what would have happened if you hadn't been there."
"Can I ask a personal question?"
"Yes." She looked up with apprehension.
"Have the two of you … ah … been intimate?"
She giggled slightly and shook her head no. "Actually, tonight was going to be ‘the night'! But that got tossed by the way side. Actually, I am glad I didn't. I've had the feelng I didn't want to, but I just didn't know how to tell him."
There was a pause between them as Max carefully considered his next words. "Ah … back to what you were saying before …. Loni, I'm very pleased by what you are telling me …. and … ah, about your feelings for me and all … but look at me! See the silver in my hair? See the tummy by your head? I am old enough to be your father and perhaps more.
"I told you I got involved tonight because I find you special … I care about you as a very good friend … other than that, I really don't think we should go any further. I am flattered, but you shouldn't be having thoughts like this about me? You need to look for men your own age."
With a touch of anger in her voice, she retorted, "You saw what men my own age are like this evening. And what does age have to do with it? I told you already, I like older men. I like the way they treat me and I really like the way you treat me. What is it with this age thing, are you too old to get it up?" She grinned up at him.
"Cute! Keep it up and I'll just have to show you!"
Loni grinned even more up at Max. "Do you care for me … I mean more than just a friend?"
Max couldn't help himself, the words just tumbled out, "Oh yes, I enjoy our time together and I think you are so lovely ….but …" His words trailed off as Loni carefully turned on her side so she faced his tummy. Loni moved her head slightly back towards his knees, gently reaching out and putting her hand on the blanket on top of his penis. Immediately it started to firm. Max put his hand on top of hers, "Loni, this is not a good idea … you were frightened tonight and perhaps you are not totally realizing what you are doing. Please stop."
It did no good as Loni just giggled more and grabbed even harder on his growing cock. She moved her hand up and down a couple of times and then pulled away the blanket. A groan slipped from deep within Max's chest.
By now his erection was sticking up through the tails of his shirt and she tenderly took him in her hand and slowly, but firmly, began to pump her hand down on his growing cock. She grasped him with one hand at the base and with the other she would rub the top and then move her hand down over the head. With each rub, Max jumped and moaned. Her hands looked so small on his now totally erect penis. Max knew he was not really all that big, but her diminutive hands made him look huge.
Max wanted to stop her, but it felt too good to pull her hands away. Without any warning she leaned forward and slipped him into her mouth. The feeling was incredible. With one hand she continued to pump on the base of his shaft and with her teeth, she smoothly scraped up, down and over the head. She continued to suck on the top of his erection while her hand massaged him up and down. Another deep moan escaped from deep inside of Max. He held her head in both of his hands, being careful with her puffy cheek as she sucked and played with him. She may have been young in years, but in the ways of making love, she was very old.
As much as Max felt he should stop, he was now powerless to do so. Instead he reached down and slid one of his hands under her sweatshirt. Inside he found a young, firm, full breast, unfettered by any bra. The fullness of her breast filled his hand and it felt wonderful! Her nipple was fat, hard and extended as he took it between his fingers and he rolled it softly back and forth. This action brought forth a deep sigh and a soft moan from her. She seemed to suck even harder than before on his erection. Max tenderly pinched harder on the nipple and again she moaned, even louder than before. Even though he was enjoying himself, Max could not shake the feeling that what they were doing was wrong.
Loni stood up and took his hand, helping him get off the couch. She started to lead him into her bedroom and told him to lie down on the bed. Max stopped in the doorway of her bedroom, looked down at her and spoke softly. "No! Loni, please listen to me. This is way too soon … too fast. You are … or were frightened … I was there and helped out. I think that we are doing …this …" Max waved his hand at the bed, "for all of the wrong reasons. I am so deeply flattered, but I as I told you, over the past few weeks … you … ah … me … well, you have become my friend. I don't feel that this is right. I really wish you would think this over."
She stepped up to Max and put her head against his chest, her words were muffled as she spoke, "To start with, I had planned on getting laid tonight!" She leaned her head back and winked up at him. They both chuckled at her comment. She continued, "I'll admit this may seem a bit fast … but I've thought about you many nights. I have been attracted to you since the very first time we met. Trust me, I know what I am doing and this is something I really want to do. After what you did for me this evening … well, I am a little embarrassed to tell you … but … it really turned me on to have you protect me like you did. I have never had a man fight for me! All the way home, I thought about this and I am so turned on with everything. I am so horny right now … do you understand?"
Max felt that he did understand, a little. But, he still felt due to their age difference, this was so inappropriate. Max wanted her so much and yet he wanted to slow everything down a little. "But, will you respect me in the morning …. " He joked.
"Yes dear, now shut up and take the rest of your clothes off."
Loni helped him take off his shirt and tie and when he sat on the bed, she took off his socks and then had him lie back on the bed.
She had shed her sweatshirt and pants and was standing next to the bed naked. As Max's gazed at her, his breath caught in his throat. Her body was even more spectacular than he could have imagined. The only lighting in the room was the small bedside lamp and areas of her were bathed in light and other areas were in shadows. He gazed at her beautiful form, drinking in her loveliness. Even though her form was petite, her body was ripe and lush. Her breasts were full and very firm with tan nipples, which stood up from her arousal. Her pubic hair was heavy, but well trimmed. Her waist was slim, then flared out to well rounded hips, her legs well proportioned and her bottom was round and really cute.
Max reached out, gathered her into his arms and just held her against his chest. He could not believe how terrific she smelled. When she finally looked up at him, he kissed each eye and whispered to her how exquisite she was. Max told her he couldn't believe she was there with him. Things like this just didn't happen … most of all to him! She winked again at him and then reached up and kissed his lips telling to lie back. He took her face in his hands and kissed her with all the passion that coursed through his body. Their tongues pushed against each other and when they parted, both were breathing hard.

After he lay back on her bed, she took his hard cock into her mouth, arranging herself on the bed so he could reach down and play with her pussy. Loni's pubic hair was long and very soft to the touch. Her sex filled his hand and he gently tugged at her vagina lips. When he touched inside her lips, Max found she was wet with excitement.
"Please move your body over mine … I want to suck on you too …" Max implored. Loni moved to straddle his face and then slowly lowered her pussy to his lips. Max carefully reached his tongue out and quickly touched her clitoral hood. A sharp hiss escaped from her lips and her body jumped from the electrical jolt that rushed through her body. He kissed her beside her lips, carefully avoiding touching her clitoris any more. As he kissed and licked her, he noticed that she was becoming even more wet and her lips now glistened with her desire. He reached out and touched her clitoris again with his tongue, noting how large it was. Softly he sucked it into his mouth and started to tease it with her tongue.
Max drank in her scent and tasted her sweetness on his tongue. Everything about her excited him as he licked, softly chewed, kissed, and savored her sweet womanhood. Loni had stopped sucking him and now just had her head resting on his tummy. The warmth of his tongue against her womanhood was all consuming. With each touch of his tongue and mouth, Loni felt herself being swept along to her climax. As max continued his licking and sucking, he heard her beg him not to stop. Loni pushed her entire neither region as hard against his mouth as she could until she cried aloud, shuddering while a climax swept through her body. As he slowed down, she began anew to suck and move her hand up and down on his stiff cock. Max begged her to stop before he climaxed … asking her instead to sit on him and take him inside of her.
Loni turned and stared down at his face which was covered with her spend and when she leaned forward to kiss him, she licked his lips, informing him that it was the first time she had ever tasted herself.
"Do you like the taste?"
"Kinda … it is different. Do you like it?"
"I love it …. I want to taste it again and again."
"Not now, I want to do this … "Loni moved a leg over his lower body, reaching between her legs and positioned him so his cock was resting at her opening. Slowing she impaled herself on his erection. As she slid down onto him, a cry escaped involuntary from both of them. Loni loved the full feeling she had from him being buried so deep inside of her. Once she had him completely concealed inside of her, Max found the fantastic feeling of having her tight vagina surrounding him had taken his breath away.
Max reached up and played with her breasts, just enjoying the feeling of being inside of her. Loni lifted up and as he lay there he watched as his cock slid into her again, just a little bit and then she would lift back up, a deep groan rose from deep inside of his chest. Again she started to lower herself a little more and then lifted off. Each time as she pushed down, she would take him into her a little more, inch by inch.
Once he was completely in her again, she leaned forward putting her hands on his chest and started to play with his nipples.
"Do you like to have your nipples played with?" Loni asked as she lightly pinched him.
"Oh God yes …. " His cries of passion filled the room.
She continued to move until his cock was almost out of her and then pushed back down. As she pushed down she would firmly pinch his nipples. Max watched entranced as his erection repeatedly disappeared into her.
Max could sense that Loni was coming close to climax again as she began to move faster and faster. Her head went back and again a loud cry escaped from her lips, filling the room and he felt her pussy contracting around him. When she was finished she fell forward and Max cuddled her in his arms, kissing her on top of her head. Max could not believe he had not climaxed; he was still hard and she started to squeeze her pussy tight, keeping him trapped deep inside of her. Max really wanted to be between her legs, on his knees, but he knew he couldn't do it because of all the damage that had been inflicted on them earlier that evening.
Finally she pushed herself up and looked down at him. She continued to tighten and then relax her pussy around his stiff cock. "Didn't you climax?"
"No! But don't worry. The evening is young." He joked. Once more, she started to move up and down. This time she continued to pinch his nipples, but she would also draw herself up very slowly and just before he was going to pop out, she would drop her body onto him, pushing him as deep into her soaking tunnel of love as she could. With each thrust, she seemed to try and get as much of him into her as she could. Sometimes Loni held him inside of her and clenched and relaxed the muscles in her pussy as his cries of passion filled the room. Finally, she settled into a rhythm, which had him begging for her not to stop.
As his climax irrupted inside of her, she continued to milk him with her wonderful pussy. Max had failed to notice she had climaxed again. Again she fell forward on his chest and he cradled her in his arms, kissing the top of her head. They stayed wrapped in their embrace until he started to grow firm inside of her again and they started in all over. Max knew that he was addicted to her lovemaking.
Max didn't leave her bed until Monday morning. By the next Friday, Loni had moved in and they now live together.

Copyright 2003 by Lea Howard

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