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Rain Dance

Jose M. Peralta

Rain Dance

We met years ago, two strangers who became friends and later lovers. You are stunning now as you were then, but life and obligations have allowed us to drift apart. We are no longer open with all our feelings and emotions yet we still hang on by a thread at this thing we call marriage.
I try something new, well not totally new, just something I haven't done in a while. I set up reservations for dinner and have tickets for the movie ready. A wonderful night out with my beautiful wife, what more can a man ask?
Our perfect night out becomes a disaster in a flash. The dinner reservations are lost and we wait for forty minutes to get a table. This frustrates you as I can hear your thoughts bang into my mind.
The food was fine but we couldn't enjoy it as much as we like because of the frustration of the wait and we had to rush to the theater for the movie. Strike one in my plan and we only just begun.
We arrive late to the theater, rush right in and struggle to find a pair of seats in the dark. The movie was horrible. As we sat through it I can see your frustration grow. Strike three in my plan and I feel I better get going before I completely strike out.
The weather just adds another wrinkle to the disastrous evening. We run in the downpour to our car. Our clothes are soak and we shiver as I fumble with the keys to start the car. I turn the heater on so warm air can circulate in the car and we can dry off some. Definite third strike to the so-called perfect evening.
The heat rises on the rain blacken road as the wet cold air takes over. I drive through the unrelenting rain as we cut through the pebble size drops. The windshield wipers thrash about as they try to clear the water off the window; it gets more dangerous to continue our trek home.
We are quiet throughout the drive. Just the music from the car stereo kept us company. We were both distant as I keep my attention on the road and your mind travels elsewhere.


I slow down and pull off the treacherous road. Slowly I pull up next to the guardrail so we can sit and wait out the rain. "Sorry baby, but the road takes to many turns up ahead and it is hard to see right now."
You smile, a silent agreement as you place your hands on my thigh, squeeze and look ahead at the dark abyss ahead of us. You turn your head as your eyes search the oncoming traffic. Nothing is there and we are alone on the road.
A steady strum of rainfall on the top of the car. I watch her as she searches the dark road around us and ask her, "What's the matter?"
You lift your finger to my mouth as it stops me from talking and shake your head. You smile; your eyes never leave mine and whisper "I am going to dance in front of the headlights on this rainy summer night just for you."
My eyes bulge, disbelief to my ears. I haven't seen this much passion in your eyes in some time, but today it covers you completely and I am going to reap the rewards of it.
"You have to promise me you will not leave the car. You will sit in here and enjoy my strip tease." You smile at me as you continue your gaze. "I want your complete attention, your eyes on me always. I want to see your hands on the steering wheel at all times, no where else or I will stop."
I nod my head like a young child who has been offered candy; "I would do this for you. You have my word on this."
You stand in the rain as the drops fall on you and caress your body. Your silk white shirt bonds to you as if it were part of your olive tone skin. The short, black skirt struggles to stay in one place as the weight of the rainwater makes it heavier then normal. You fight with your hair to keep it from your face as it mats itself from the weight of the water to your forehead. Your ruby colored lips glisten under the lights as they tremble from the wet chill in the night air.
The headlights of my car beam like spotlights as they accent your figure through your wet clothes. You wrap your hands around your chest, holding yourself as you try to stay warm. I turn on the music, rhythmic beat blare into the air and they urge you to dance in front of the headlights and under the thunderous sky.
Your hands go to your hips as the music blares into your mind. You gyrate as the car's eyes watch you intently. Your eyes close as the wave of sound fills you and makes you sway from left to right in a hypnotic euphoria. Your hands reach for the sky as you look up to see the clouds open and release their rain down on you.
I look from within the warm safety of the car as my hands settle on my chin. I smile, as your inhibition is lost. Your head sways and your hair follows as it frees the water once trapped in it. You begin your erotic strip tease under the opening skies.
Your hands reach for your silk, white shirt, tear it open, and allow your skin to feel the cold wetness firsthand and strip it off your shoulders. The pearl like buttons bounce aimlessly in front of your feet on the ground. They make small splashes as they continue to bounce beneath the car and off to the side. You toss your shirt into the night air and it disappears from sight.
You climb on the hood of the car, crawl to the window and stare into my eyes through the shield between us. You feel the warmth of the motor beneath you as you explicitly enjoy the feel of the cold wet air and the smooth warm hood.
Your eyes capture my gaze as you entice me to join you. They scream with a passion I've never seen in you before. You let go of the glare as your hands roam your breasts and caress the mountainous mounds of flesh with your fingertips.
Your breasts heave under the cold water as your crimson red satin bra struggles to hold them in. Darken circles in the center push out towards the car and beckon me to hold them.
My tongue slides over my lips. I lick the dryness off them and wish I could savor the taste of the rain off your skin. I struggle with the thought but talk myself out of it; this is your dance, your private show just for me. You told me to enjoy the exhibition, and I will do your wish today.
My hands stay on the steering wheel with tight grip as my knuckles turn pale white from the strain. I want to grab, kiss and make love to you this very instant. You turn your back to me; kneel on the hood as your weight dents it in. I shake my head slowly as I watch you slowly lower the skirt and wiggle it off your hips.
Carefully you slide off the rain slick hood and fall on your two feet. You bend over slightly; I can barely see your buttocks over the hood, and lower the skirt off your thighs. Your butt smiles at me as the cotton red thong peeks out of one end and covers your womanhood from my sight on the other end.
Raindrops bounce off your skin as steam rises off you into the cold air. You look back as you try to see if my eyes are still on you. You smile; you know I will obey your wishes as I stare intently at your backside. You run your right hand over your side to your posterior and playfully smack it. The water splashes as your hand meets your skin. You grimace with a hiss from the sting and pleasure. You do this three more times, each time harder and more pleasurable then the last.
You ascend back on the car hood and toss your skirt to one side. Again your clothes disappear in the night air. You stand on the hood and I watch the wet thigh highs lose the mold of your legs. Jet-black heels accent your feet as the white thigh high stockings struggle to stay on your legs from the weight of the water. You turn, back to me and lower yourself to your knees and rest your posterior on your heels.
You look beautiful from behind, your body forms the shape of a cello, beautiful smooth curves. Your actions begin to drive me insane with lust. I need to break the bondage of the car, but my word I keeps me in my place.
Your knees spread and your thighs follow. You begin to grind your hips to the purr of the engine. Your bottom rises and falls as your legs spread and close. Your body makes love to the hood as your ride becomes more sensual and sexual.
The engine's vibration hums up your thighs through your thong, inside your womanhood and into your soul. Your eyes glaze back as you squirm slowly to the maddening beats of the music. You place your hands flat on the car hood; its warmth runs through them as the vibrations crawl through your skin.
The vision of your movement on my hood mesmerizes me. Your hair adheres itself to your back as if glued onto your skin. I cannot contain my strain much longer as I see you reach behind your back.
Your fingers reach for the clamps that hold your bra to your body. Slowly they teasingly unclamp your bra off. One by one I see your fingers release their union as the bra slowly loses its war with your breasts.
The final clamp loses its battle with your fingers. The straps of your bra gingerly hold on to your shoulders and then fall lifelessly off your shoulders. Your free hand grabs the front of your bra before it falls off and reveals your fleshy mounds. You stand again, feet back on the ground. You turn to me and smile innocently at me, that devilish angelic smile I've fallen in love with.
Boldly you lift your hand, rip the bra from your skin, only to replace it mischievously with your other hand before I can get a glimpse of your full breasts. A glimpse I wish for, I am in for more then just a glimpse of your breast.
Your free hand rises to the sky, as it meets your other hand and grips your bra. You spread your arms apart as your hands grip to one end of the bra. You open it; display the bra to my eyes.
I lower my head and shake it as a smirk comes to my face. "You are so crazy," I say to myself as I try take my mind off my harden friend between my legs.

I raise my head back and you prance wild, free, and in love with the night-wet air. Your bra lands with a wet thud on the windshield. I jump back and scream, "what the!"
The wiper catches the bra and drags it left and right as it smears the rain on the windshield. My vision is of you is minimal as you continue your rain dance in front of my car's lights.
You stop your dance as the song stops. You look back at me, waiting to see what new dance you will do. A love ballad begins and it tempers your mood. You go from the reckless abandonment of the thumping music to the solemn gyration of the ballad. Your eyes lower as you do your seductress walk towards the car.
Your hands move up to your hips. You twirl the thin straps of the thong around your fingers. Slowly you lower each side, one at a time, showing the naked flesh around your womanhood. Each time you get bolder and show more. Each time I grow stronger, harder and more in need for your core.
My mouth opens wide as disbelief comes to my mind. I see your body, nude in the night's cold wet air. Goosebumps crawl all over you as the light from the car bounces off your wet skin.
Your bottom lip trembles as you continue your dance. You sway slowly to the rhythmic ballad my eyes lovingly stare at you. Naked before me you stand, the sweetest creature on the earth, the woman of my dreams, heart and soul.
I open the door and step out of the car into the cold rain. My body heat lowers but my lust for you is still on the rise. I walk towards you and hear you laugh and sing as if a nubile sexual goddess took over your body.
I stand beside you and bring your body close to mine. I swing my arms around you and wrap my jacket on your shoulders to warm you up a little. I hold you tight to my body to protect you from the rain. I can feel your burn as your flesh is on fire.
You stare into my eyes, "dance with me lover. Rain dance with me tonight."
How can I refuse her? How can anyone?

Rain Dance (c) Copyright Jose M. Peralta, 2001

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