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A Change of Opinion


A Change of Opinion

I used to hate minivans. In my opinion there was only one thing worse – and that was a full sized van! Most of the time, when you end up behind one, you're in a no-passing zone and the van is going 10 miles below the speed limit. And then again, you can't exactly see around one. You can't tell what traffic up ahead is doing and so you are completely at the mercy of the Van's driver, and let's face it - anyone who can't keep to within 5 miles of the speed limit has questionable judgment.
My story begins when my boyfriend bought a minivan. The reasons he bought one, the "whys" and "wherefores" are not a part of my little tale and so I shall omit them. The point is that he showed up one night at our rendezvous place with a van. Quell horror! You see, we carpool together to meetings twice weekly and all I could think was what the others in our group would say. Oh the comments were bound to be vicious!
He wasn't particularly fond of vans himself, however, during that evening's trip to the meeting, he took the time to mention the things that he DID like about it. He quickly pointed out to me that the back seat of the van folded down into a bed… and that there was some really dark privacy glass back there. The possibilities this presented started to play around in my mind and I began to actually that him owning a van might be a good thing. It made all the difference in the world. I could get through the teasing if it meant some interesting playtime with my Honey.
Although nothing much happened that night, the wheels were set in motion…
The next meeting night, I was careful to bring some extra clothing with me, stashing them in my briefcase… Once the meeting was over, I changed into a skirt and we went out with some of our friends for the usual, expected few beers apiece.
After saying good-bye to everyone, we headed back to the small town where my car was waiting. I wasn't too surprised when he passed by the lot where my car stared at us accusingly. A short way up the road, he turned into the parking lot of a well-known chain hotel and parked the van as far away from the main entrance as possible. It was a good location. The parking lot lights shone on the glass at the back of the vehicle and yet no light shone through it. The privacy glass was at its optimum opacity.
During the drive back, we had talked and laughed, all the while holding hands and touching each other. Several times he had raised my hand to his lips and kissed it, the action promising more to come. Now that we were stopped and the engine turned off, the mood was anything other than playful.
We hugged and kissed each other briefly before he made his way to the back of the minivan and dropped the last seat down into a small, but comfortable little bed. I followed behind and found myself quickly maneuvered down onto my back as he settled in on my left side.
The parking lot lights provided us with plenty of illumination, while shielding us from the view of those outside. All was quiet save for the sound of cars passing on the interstate nearby. It was eerie being able to see so much through those huge, all-surrounding windows, yet knowing that we ourselves were hidden from sight.


My wayward thoughts on our location were quickly diverted when my love leaned down and began kissing me in earnest. His hands moved over my thighs and torso, as his mouth alternately nibbled at my lips and then kissing me soundly. As his tongue began dancing with my own, I felt myself become amazingly wet. I had been so aroused all evening, anticipating this, that it took very little to push me nearly to the edge. In my mind I was begging him to touch me more, to peel away my shirt and he didn't disappoint me.
No sooner had the wish been made, than his hands moved over the front of my shirt, cupping my breasts and rubbing them soundly before impatiently sliding beneath. He surprised me by giving each nipple a flick with his thumb before sliding his hands around my sides to my back. Nibbling at the sensitive skin below my ear, he attempted to unhook the garment, but after several failed tries, his head moved back far enough to look me in the eye as he laughed at his predicament. I laughed along with him, but as I reached back to help him, he playfully swatted my hands away and suddenly the bra was unhooked.
Triumphantly, he pulled it away from my breasts and pushed it, along with my shirt, up, exposing me to his greedy gaze. His eyes lingered only a moment before his head dipped down low to suck and worry first one nipple, then the other.
I writhed and moaned softly at the sensations he was causing, which seemed to urge him onward. His head came up and he watched me squirm as his fingers tweaked my nipples. Before I could even recover from the shock, his left hand slipped downward, slowly pushed my skirt up and climbed under it to my crotch.
His breath caught in his throat when he realized that I wore no undies. Quickly he glanced around the parking lot as he moved his fingers over my clit and separated my folds. As he discovered how wet and slick I was, he let out a trill, a wavering noise all his own, which I had only ever heard him make when something had really excited him. His breathing deepened as his fingers delved further, quickly slipping inside me and moving in a circular motion.
By then my hips were arching up of their own accord, lifting my ass nearly off the seat. I was in heaven, groaning at the feel of him, but he was only just warming up…
As he removed his fingers, I took advantage of my sudden ability to draw breath and slipped my own hand down the front of his pants and into his underwear. Encircling his very solid erection with my fingers, I found him nearly as wet as I was. Gasping with arousal at my discovery, I only just managed to rub his slick secretions over his penis before his own fingers found my clit again.
I froze and closed my eyes as his fingers began massaging me in a slow, circular motion. It was hard to think or even breath it felt so good…
Somehow I managed to concentrate enough to move my own hand, gripping his hard cock tightly and sliding slowly up and down its length. He groaned in response and applied more pressure to my clit as he speeded up his motion.
I could feel him watching me as my breath caught in my throat and my free hand came up to clutch at his shoulder. My entire body tensed up as the pleasure built until I felt as though I would burst. A final bit of pressure on his part pushed me over the edge. I fought to keep from screaming as I came hard, my body shaking.
My clit was so sensitive that I could no longer bear him rubbing it and I reflexively slapped his hand away, while the last contractions of my organism faded and I struggled to catch my breath.
I clung to him a moment or two as my limbs shook, a strange sensation, but something that sometimes happens to me after a particularly intense release. While I recovered, my wonderful lover held me close, kissing and whispering to me.
After a breathless moment, I had recovered enough to move. I was dying to do to him what he had done to me – reduce him to a quivering mass! Sliding my hand out of his pants, I grabbed his shoulders and levered myself up to a sitting position as I turned and pushed him down onto his back. Sparing a brief moment to scan the parking lot around us, I then kissed him soundly as I slid my hands under his shirt and over his chest. I love the feel of his large, hard pecks and small, erect nipples.
I quickly pushed his shirt up and kissed his neck, nibbling gently at the skin below his ear. Then I began to move my attentions downwards. I licked and sucked at the closer nipple – the right one, as my hand slipped further down and began stroking his rock hard penis through his pants. I could feel that a wet spot had seeped through the material and I couldn't help but moan.
Slowly, I trailed kisses down his belly, pausing to tongue-lash his navel as I shakily undid his pants and began to ease both them and his underwear down. Making his unique trilling sound, he helped me by levering them down over his buttocks and onto his thighs.
At the sight of him exposed, I felt an aching throb begin again deep in my pelvis as my sex got hot and needful. Even though it seemed impossible, I became wetter still. He was always so very hard and he had a gentle curve in just the right place, guaranteed to make him hit my G-spot and cervix when he moved within me. I knew that from experience and yet, it had been a while. I needed to have my memory refreshed!
First things first, though. I was determined to make him squirm. His cock looked as though it was crying, clear lubricant oozing slowly from its opening. I wasted no more time in licking all the way up and down his shaft.
He moaned encouragingly, so I took him in my mouth and began wetting him thoroughly as my hand massaged the moisture down his length. After a short while, I tightened my mouth and bowed my tongue, increasing the pressure on his throbbing organ. I slid him quickly in and out of my mouth as my hand followed behind, gripping, twisting and providing extra friction and pressure.
He moaned louder and began whispered how much he loved it when I went down on him, which only served to make me move faster. His hand moved up my thigh to my throbbing pussy and he moaned just as he buried two fingers in me.
I temporarily lost my hold on his cock as I gasped. What he was doing felt almost too good and it took an effort to remember what I had been doing and return to it.
His taste became stronger as he began leaking a copious amount of pre-cum, arousing me even further. Ah, but he tasted so good! I was so close to coming and I wanted him so very badly. Unable to keep from squirming myself, I shifted on my knees and stepped up my attack on his sex, determined to bring him as much pleasure as he had given me. Still, I didn't know if I could continue much longer. I ached so badly for him!
As I thought about jumping his bones, he surprised me by removing his fingers and suddenly reaching up to grasp my shoulders.
"Come up here… I want to be inside you!" he whispered gruffly.
Needing no further encouragement, I reacted instantly, planting a knee on each side of his narrow hips as he pulled my skirt up out of the way.
Grasping my waist, he pulled me down quickly to meet his thrust as we both stared at each other and moaned at how good the contact felt.
He entered me quickly and I slid down over him until he was in so deep that our pubic bones met.
He slid his arms up around my back and pulled me forward. "Oh… you feel so good. You feel so good…" he whispered over and over as he kissing me tenderly.

"You do too," I barely managed to gasp in reply.
I started moving slowly, rocking my hips as he encouraged me with his hands. Soon we were moving in tandem, meeting each other thrust for thrust as he continued to tell me how good I felt.
The pace quickened. I began to move my hips higher, taking him in longer and deeper strokes. His fingers tightened on my hips as he alternately kissed me and whispered my name.
"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" he suddenly groaned.
"Yes… I will… I will," I gasped back, just as I climaxed.
As though the sound of my voice had broken the final shred of control he possessed, he began thrusting upward even harder. I, in turn quickened my pace. That was all it took. Less than 15 seconds after the last words left my mouth, he arched his back and moaned, "Uh! Uh! Aghhhhhhh….." and stiffened beneath me.
His orgasm was so sudden and unexpected (usually it took him a while longer, especially after three beers), that I moved up and thrust down one more time before he held onto me tightly and cried out in pleasure/pain, "No, don't move… don't… just stay…"
He collapsed completely then and I lay atop him, kissing his cheeks, his mouth, his neck and shoulders… Everywhere I could easily reach. I even moved to the side slightly and hiking his sleeves up, kissed his shoulders and arms.
He seemed to bask in the loving attention he was being shown, even managing to smile shakily in his relaxed stupor. All in all he was the picture of contentment. I'm sure I must have looked much the same!
"I love you," I whispered close to his ear.
His arms tightened around me. "I love you too, Sweetheart," he whispered back.
We lay there together for a few minutes longer, but then decided not to push our luck. I changed pack into my undies and pants as he fixed his own clothing. We kissed several times over during the process of making ourselves presentable.
Finally we climbed back into the front seat and headed back to my car.
Needless to say that my entire outlook on minivans has changed radically. In fact, every time I end up behind a Dodge Grande Caravan, I think back to that wonderful night. It's almost enough to get me into an accident!
Yup, I look at minivans in a whole new light now. Maybe you do too? ************************************************

A Change of Opinion By Chickie-P Copyright 2001

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