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Suzanne's Shorts

Stevie Burns

Suzanne's Shorts

I was sitting; so when she bent over, I could see just the inside of her innermost thigh and light pink panties that peeked out from her starched shorts. They weren't even short shorts, really. When she stood up straight they fit her just fine, like average white shorts with iron creases running along the front and back; but the legs were so wide on her small frame that when she bent over, they pulled upwards like a stiff rod. The crease of her buttocks was inviting. It took some concentration to keep my hand from reaching over and grabbing her by the waist.

I didn't know Suzanne well enough for that, damn it. She and I had been friends for a few short months, me having just started working PR with her at Snaffu Inc. Today we were stationed at the mini-golf course snack bar of all things. It was a fundraiser hosted by Snaffu Inc, and we had rented the course to host the Snaffu Mini-golf Tournament.

Suzanne's skin is the type that looks eternally tan, as if she had been sun-kissed at birth. And then there's the elusive way her light brown hair falls against her chin, covering her eyes until she decides to flip her face to the side and get a good look at you.
That's exactly what she did when she turned around. She looked at me and said, "When I bend over, can you see anything? You know, more than you should?" Her voice was husky and her tone direct as ever.

I lied. "No. Why?"


"Just that these shorts are new, discounted, and I've been worried about how they hang. At the store I thought they'd be perfect for hot days like this, but now I'm not so sure."

Uh-huh. I couldn't keep it up and felt my cheeks turn red. "Actually, I could see a flash of pink just then." She looked at me: that look. It wasn't bad or good, just unnerving. "I tried not to notice, honest." Like hell I did. She knew. Her eyes changed and she knew but I couldn't tell if knowing flattered or repulsed her. Wish I could read her mind because her expressions, though varied, are completely unreadable.

"I've got this family obligation right after work, and what with the humidity today I'm going to need some refreshment before I head out. Any ideas if the employee showers here are bearable?"
"Bearable?" I initially wondered why she was telling me this, but brushed it off as anything portentous. I had to stop thinking of her in terms of sex. I knew she had a serious boyfriend. At least, I thought she did.

"Well, sure. You know: relatively clean, relatively private. I don't need anything flashy, just a place to rinse off."

"I think they're pretty clean, but you'd better shove a broom in the handle - if you plan to have a private shower," I joked. I flashed her a mischievous grin and wagged my brows at her. She laughed that way I love, it's like she puts her whole self into it, no holding back. Suzanne is laid back and quiet in general, but when she laughs, you try your damnedest to get her to laugh again.

"What are you suggesting here, exactly?" Suzanne smirked.

"Well my dear, not to be too forward or anything, but you are a woman and I am a man. Just knowing that you're considering a shower within the vicinity is…" I let her fill in the blanks.

"We haven't even had a first date. What ever happened to wining, dining, flowers and dancing? Where's my box of chocolates? A girl likes a bit of romance."

I stood up and grabbed her by the waist. "Shall we dance?" I didn't know why the hell I was being such a clown, but she was just so fun I felt like I could do anything and it would be fine with her. We did the tango for a few paces and I dipped her back. I felt the arch at the base of her back, letting my fingers press downwards. She felt fantastic. Her ass felt firm and round in all the right places. Her arms were wrapped around my neck, her arms draped. She made no effort to hold herself up. I hadn't realized before that her body was so tight. I could feel her thigh and stomach muscles holding her position. She let her cheek brush against my neck. I looked at her, still in that position, and I still wasn't sure what she was thinking. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled a little. I didn't care if she had a boyfriend or not at that moment and I kissed her. It was just a small kiss, one that could have been interpreted as friendly. But her hand combed through the hair at the nape of my neck and I kissed her again, in a way that let her know I meant it.

When she kissed me back, taking my lower lip into her mouth, I had to ask. I had to know if there was a boyfriend.

I brought us up again, standing.

"Aren't you seeing someone?"


She said there wasn't anyone, not anymore, and that she broke-up with Steve over a month ago. When I asked her why she hadn't told me before, she said the obvious: because I hadn't asked.

We continued to talk, and what felt like a few minutes later, it was closing time. Suzanne went below to the showers and I headed towards the break room to pick-up my things. When I did, I realized Suzanne had forgotten her bag. Not wanting to leave it there, I carried it down to the showers for her.

When I entered the main room, Suzanne was kicking off her shoes and pulling her shirt up over her breasts. She was standing maybe a meter away. I fumbled through apologies as she pulled her shirt back down, tucking it in again. As is typical of me in an awkward situation, I tried to make a joke of it.

"Woman, you did not heed my warning about using a broomstick to blockade the door. You should know: I am a cad."

She was trying not to smile but didn't quite pull it off.
Mockingly, she said, "Oh no, what would people say of your being here? What of propriety!"

I kissed her again and felt brave: "May I join you in the shower?"

"I'm not sure…"

I kissed her, bringing her close with my left arm. My right hand glided up and over the hill of her buttocks, towards her waist, up her torso until I reached just below her breast. I could feel her breathing change through our kiss and let my thumb reach up to find her nipple. It stood erect through her blouse and bra.
"Alright." She nearly whispered it, and looked up at me.

My pants pressed uncomfortably taught over my cock and we were both breathing hard, the hot air prickling at our foreheads and making our clothes cling with moisture. Her breasts stood aroused, made more apparent by the rise and fall of her breathing.

She grabbed my hand and led me into the showers. There were two, back to back. There was no door, so no one really used it. No towels, no shampoo; just a bar of soap on the floor.

I pulled my shirt off and she came to me, kissing me hard and wrapping her arms around my waist. She was an amazing kisser: her soft lips remained soft even in a hard kiss.

She scratched my back. I pulled her shirt out from her shorts. Her shorts. I played at the waistband a little and she moved her pelvis closer to mine. She started to pull her shirt off and I helped her out of it. Her bra was a simple cotton thing with a double clasp in the back. I unfastened it and felt the length of her back. I brought my right hand over her shoulder and pulled the strap down, kissed her shoulder. She shrugged out of it completely and flung it into the sink behind her.

Kissing her neck, hands on her breasts, I made my way down. I kissed and suckled her nipples until they were hard, using my whole left arm between her legs to keep her moist. When I could feel the dampness through her shorts I unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled them off over her beautiful hips and thighs. She was rounder than I had thought, her womanly body all the more obvious without those damned shorts. She wore nothing but her pink panties when she pulled my pants down with my boxers. I was half erect, and she actually knelt down and took me into her mouth. I was so surprised, so aroused. I attempted to stifle a groan that echoed off the tiled walls. She grabbed my thighs and slowly moved up the length of my body, letting her breasts lightly brush up my groin, stomach and chest.

I kissed her and put my hand down the front of her panties. I caressed and probed softly, teasingly. I felt past her hair to her moist center. She was already highly aroused, but I wanted her to get crazy. This was a woman I would love to see totally crazy. I kept my thumb on her clit and pressed my middle finger inside of her. Just a little at first, until she was ready for more. I could feel her clamp around my finger as I progressed, took a little more; her muscles tight and wet. She smelled of sweet salty sex.

She was gushing over my hand when I finally pulled off her panties.
She took my penis with her hand and pressed it against her, between her thighs. She was breathing hard, leaning against the sink, and raising her leg so I could get inside of her. She was so wet I slid right into her, but I moved slowly, allowing myself to feel every part of her. She grabbed my ass hard and pressed me farther inside. Her head arched back and I sucked at the cusp of her neck. We rocked, she leaning into me, both legs wrapped around my waist as she half sat on the rim of the sink. Kissing. God, what sweet kisses. I'd never met such a passionate girl before.

She grabbed my hand and put it on her breast again, showing me how hard she wanted me to press. I thrust harder, faster. Her nails burned, scratching my back, torso, and ass. She was feline.

We were out of control, neither one of us caring if we were heard, neither one of us caring if we were caught. I felt her body fully tense, and then shudder. Her eyes were tearing a little, her face flushed and sweaty. I hadn't worn a condom and started to pull out, but she pressed me back inside of her.

"I'm on the pill. It's okay." She smiled.
I let go, completely. I put my hand on the wall behind her head to hold myself up. Her head rested there on my arm, both her arms and both her legs wrapped around me. I couldn't hold back any longer and the rush burst through me. I felt like I wanted to collapse into her, fall away into sweet oblivion.

Pulling apart was painful, slow. I didn't want to go outside of her, she felt so good. I helped her down from the sink, her hips a little stiff and her joints a little chilled.

We shared the shower, letting the warm water become hot. She bent over to grab the soap and I smiled. It was so similar to the movement she had made before, when I had seen up the leg of her shorts. I could see all of her and put my hand there on her mound before she pulled herself up again. She stayed down, leaning a little into the palm of my hand, and groaned. She was still wet and I was getting aroused again. I was able to press three fingers inside of her now. She steadied her balance by putting her hands on the wall, raising her heels. Once I was almost fully erect again, I grabbed her hips with both hands and pressed against her, letting my penis rest between her cheeks, feeling her moist warmth.

I wasn't sure I could keep up the stamina but her ass was so beautiful, round and warm, her back sloping down in front of me. I went inside her, from behind, her pelvis arching severely to meet my thrusts. I leaned over her back and reached around to her breasts. She held my hands there with her own hands, the hot water stinging my back, which sheltered her skin from the impact now. It was frantic and sexy as hell.

I came hard, the beautiful pain of it pushing through my body, my whole body becoming tight and stiff once I could no longer hold back, and sweet release. I pulled her up with me and we just embraced, letting the water run until it became cool.

There wasn't a towel, so we used my shirt to dry off. I had a light jacket with me and pulled that on. Suzanne would be running late to this family thing and asked if I wanted to go. Hell no! That's what I wanted to say. I said, "Not really. But I'll go if you want." We drove together in her car over to my place, she grabbing her bag and heading up with me.

We had started to undress to then get redressed in better clothes. But I took one look at her, and she was half naked. No bra, just those damned shorts.

We never made it to the family obligation.

"Suzanne's Shorts" (c) Copyright, Stevie Burns 2003

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