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Horny stripper

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Horny stripper

I heard my song blasting in the background and started to strut down the stage. To tell you the truth, being a stripper is exciting at first, but I've been doing the same routine for almost a year, 4 nights a week. It's getting kind of boring. Sure being watched by hundreds of men still gives me the thrill, I simply love showing off my body. I love it when they get wide eyed as I spread my legs or squat with my knees spread wide right in front of their noses with only a g-string or a crotchless g-string running between my waxed and wet pussy lips and my swollen clit. It is one of my favourite dance moves.

Another thing I love to show off is my pasties collection. They are small strips of materials cut into shapes and pasted onto the skin with latex glue. They came in lots of colours and shapes. Black, blue, white, American flag coloured, sequined, red, purple, with diamante, crystals, velvet, even nipple-less and one with tassels! You name it they've got it!

Ones for the nipples are pretty simple to use, you just put a small amount of latex glue, stick it and you're ready to go, while the one for the pussy is a bit more tedious. First I have to wax off everything, because I hate it when the pastie doesn't stick properly and I made sure my pussy is absolutely dry.

I used to have a problem when I first started being a stripper, because although I'm as dry as nail when I started my shtick, after two minutes of shedding my clothes, grinding the pole and watching those hungry eyes, I couldn't help getting wet and horny as hell.

What I usually do is, I searched for a 'more' decent looking guy in my audience and locked eye contact with him. For the rest of my performance I'd be looking mostly at him. Then after I'm finished, I'd tell the bouncer to give the man a message and tell him to get into the changing room. We would usually go his or my place. I know this sounds dangerous but the thrill of not knowing what's going to happen makes me even more excited.


Sadly this doesn't happen very often anymore because as I told you I'm beginning to get bored with the whole routine.

One very late night when the joint was about to close, I was the last one to stay and dance. The other dancers have gone home and for some reason I was horny and as a result I couldn't stop rubbing my clit before going to the stage. I know I would most probably have to fuck one of my audiences again after so long. I even had a problem sticking the pastie for my pussy as I was so wet, but after several messy attempts, I finally succeeded. This time I used the plain, red sequined pasties. I love the way they glitter under the lights and the colour is such a contrast with my fair skin.

The nipple pasties are round and the one for my pussy is triangular. Almost like the front part of a thong. It covered the front part of my pussy mound and disappears into my crack. When I walk the sequins rubs against my thighs making it tickles, when I squat down, the glue seemed to pull the skin around it real tight.

I chose my song. This time is Ashanti's 'Rock with You'. I was wearing the smallest pair of cut jeans short, a white shirt, a cowboy hat and brown leather boots. When I came out my eyes quickly searched for a guy. The joint was a full house, there were lots of old men sitting around the stage leering at me and this time, instead of turning my face from them, I bask in their attention.

I walked to the end of the stage and get down on four and the leaned forward to shove my tits in their faces and started to unbutton my shirt, I threw it at them and cupped my tits, as if to show off my pasties. Lots of them seem to like them, since many strippers used them anymore. I was feeling hornier by the minute. I felt the cool breeze against my naked skin.

Then I went to the side of the stage and grabbed the pole, jumped on it and started grindin' my crotch, sometimes I would cup my 36c tits and sandwiched the pole between them and then squatting down before I finally peeled my jeans away very slowly. I stood in the middle of the stage with my legs open, unbutton the jeans, pulled down the zipper and hooked my thumbs on the waistline. I bent at the waist and I looked back at my audience, I'm sure they could see the red pastie by now, glittering under the light.

I could feel the spotlight zeroing on my pussy and making me even hotter. I peeled my short, wiggling my ass in the process. When it was going almost over my naked asshole, I pulled it back quickly and I got a loud boo! I laughed and this time still bending down, I pushed it down all the way! First I covered my ass with one my left hand and slowly exposed my asshole to the crowd sitting right behind me.

I got some loud cheers and wolf whistles, from the audience and I kicked the jeans away. The cool air conditioner mixed with the hot spotlights made me feel brazen. I've got some goose bumps now. I'm not sure whether it was because of the cool air or the feelings the old men gave me. Strangely enough, up until now I haven't seen a guy who took my fancy, and I'm not even picky!


I went to the other side of the stage and laid there with my upper body propped up by my elbows, at that moment I saw a man about 60 years old, sitting all alone in the corner of the room sipping his beer. He's got a big gut and looked like he hasn't shaved for a week. Suddenly he did some sort of a 'flick' with his tongue at me. He knew I was looking at him, so I'm sure he was doing it purposely. What I couldn't believe was the size of it! It was so long and thick! And I knew I have to have it. I kept staring at him and spread my legs. The other men went wild, but they couldn't get my attention anymore.

I stood up and leaned on the pole, my left hand stretched above my head, while my right hand played with my tits and occasionally snaked between my legs. I could feel the pastie covering my pussy was not sticking very well anymore due to all my pussy juice, but for another minute I decided that it would hold. Meanwhile, again I went to the end of the stage and kneeled there as I slowly pinched my nipples, get my hands to hold my hair up, anything that could make me feel even hotter! But I could only think of the old man's tongue. I want it so bad between my legs!

My nipples were sore by now and peeled the pasties off them. My nipples were rock hard! I cupped my tits and licked each nipple to lessen the feeling. For my closing act, I went to the spot I knew the old man would have a clear view of me. I lay down flat on the stage, with my legs facing him, I lifted both my legs high up in the air and open them slowly as wide as they could go. My hands holding my thighs open. I put my feet flat on the stage, so now my knees were bent, but my legs still open.

My right hand covered my pussy, while my left still mauled my tits. I could feel the men's eyes on my body, driving me insane. I was purposely lying at the very edge of the stage and I was close enough for any of the men to touch me. I peeled the pastie covering my pussy starting from the back. Some of the men were wanking at this stage. I could hear more cheering and catcalls. Halfway up I tried to cover myself back, but the pastie won't stick anymore. My juice was running down my ass! I suddenly pulled it off, but quickly put it back in the same spot and through the rough sequined material I began to rub my clit.

The men went crazy, my pussy lips and clit were swollen. I want to be fucked so badly. I threw the tiny strip of materials at the man nearest to me and he in return held it to his nose to sniff my juice. I smiled at him and shoved my pussy to his face. He took the maraschino cherry from his drink by the stalk and run the red fruit up and down my slit before finally dipping it inside my pussy and pulling it out again and to slowly lick and eat it.

I stood up and went to the changing room. At the door I whispered the description of the old man to the bouncer and to give the old man a message that I want to see him privately inside. He went away and I went inside. I could hardly contain myself. I was thinking maybe I was wrong, maybe it wasn't as big as I imagined it to be. I was pacing the room and my heart was pounding. I didn't bother to put on anything.

There was a faint knock on the door and I went to open it. The old man was standing there with a leer on his face. I was a bit disgusted and tried to sound businesslike, when I said, 'you think you could make that rude gesture at me and get away with it don't you?' he walked forward, cornering me between the make up table and his big body. 'Well you didn't seem to mind when you're on stage' he replied.

'Then why don't you prove what you can do with that tongue you're so proud of!' I shot back while putting my ass on the edge of the table behind me and spread my legs, each foot on each end. He chuckled and pulled a chair and positioned himself between my legs. My pussy was still so wet, some of the juice had trickled down my thighs. 'Tsk! Tsk! somebody needs plenty of attention.' He said. 'Shut up! I need to cum so bad!' I snapped. 'Close your eyes' he ordered and finally I listened and did as he told. I could feel his thumbs kneading the sides of pussy, pulled them open and pushed them back, but never quite touching the lips nor the clit. He was driving me insane!

Finally when he was pulling my pussy open wide, it was almost painful. I opened my eyes and found him staring at my pussy. He was doing nothing! Just staring at it and I was more turned on than ever! 'Please!' I pleaded, 'just let me cum, I'm so horny tonight, I'll do anything.' Then he let out his tongue and I took a deep breath. It was that long! I wasn't mistaken! It was so thick and long and as he flicked at my clit, I grabbed his hair pushed his head to keep him there. He teased my slit with the point of his tongue and began licking me! I was cumming hard but he didn't stop there! He jammed his whole tongue into my pussy and then once inside he curled it, making me bucked against his head.

His stubbles grind against my thighs and asshole. He kept going, alternating between pulling my clit and pussy lips with his lips and nibbling at any part of my pussy with his teeth gently. I never came harder than that night before in my life. I was shouting so hard when I came I swear the bouncer could hear me above the loud music.

I was so spent after an hour I must have been looking like a rag doll, leaning on the mirror of the make up table and my legs still open wide. He flipped me onto my stomach and pushed my upper body onto the table. I didn't even protest.

He entered me from behind but even when I was so wet, I could feel him stretching me. I held on to the sides of the table, my tits were squashed under my body and I could hear the sloshing sound of my pussy being rammed by his huge cock. He held onto my waist, I could feel my juice running down my legs. Even I am amazed at the amount of it! He pulled out and stuck two fingers in my pussy and then rubbed those fingers on my asshole. He stuck his fingers inside together with his cock rammed inside my pussy once more. The effect was incredible! I came so hard I saw stars!

He said he was about to cum, and pulled out. I told him to cum between my legs. I went back to my original position as I want to see his cum gets mixed with my juice and after he did, I rubbed the white blobs on my clit and even stuck a cum covered finger in my pussy. I was so tired I fell asleep immediately. I didn't even remember seeing him got out of the door. When I woke up, it was nearly 7 am. I was thinking maybe it was all a dream, but I saw the stains on the table and my pussy was so red and raw. I limped as it was so sore. I smiled when I saw a note. It said, 'see ya tonite at 10.00. Wear a g-string!'.

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