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The Toy Box: Wild Ride Vibrator

by GrnEyedLucky ©


The Toy Box: Wild Ride Vibrator

--- I don't ever think of myself as a connoisseur of sexual toys, but I know what I like and I know how to use it. ---

The name said it all. I just stared at the name of the toy for what seemed forever before I actually even bought it. It produced images of countless orgasms and pure blissful fun. I felt the excitingly nervous tingles between my thighs as I turned the box from hand to hand, just staring at it.

Even through the cellophane opening all I really saw was rich flesh colored veins on an relatively large mass. The box itself was over 10 inches long and wider than some of the previous toys I had purchased. I looked around softly, not in embarrassment, just in need to actually ask someone if they'd ever used a toy like this. There was of course glorifying comments on the box, but that meant very little to me, it's not like they were going to put anything bad on the box.

I love toy stores, the joy they bring, and the rush of total excitement I get when I walk into one. It may sound like a childish thing to say, but that's really the point - a store for adults in the exact purpose of playful recreation - a "toy" store. And better yet I like most of the people that actually work in these stores, you have to have some sort of personality to do so. I went up to the woman at the counter and asked her if she knew anyone that had actually used the wild ride vibrator and the only thing she told me was that I better buy lube too. I took that as a half-hearted warning sign but the overwhelming prospect of a new toy cast my fear aside. I went towards the back of the store and picked up a new bottle of lube.

On the way home I kept sneaking glances at the bag out of the corner of my eye, I don't know if I half expected it to jump to life in my front seat or if it was going to magically implode and id never get to use it. The slightly rough vibrations of my car didn't help me either. By the time I actually reached my apartment I felt like jumping out of my skin and just using it in the back seat. But I restrained myself and waited. Walking up the stairs felt like it took eternity even though I believe took them two at a time, my thighs felt like quivering masses of jelly as I turned my key into my door…

I sat on my bed and slowly took my new prize out of its box. It felt slightly heavy and was over nine inches long with a wider base and twister for the vibrations. It wasn't too thick but it widened at the tip some before the head. I just stared at it, running my fingers over the slightly bumpy texture of the veins. It was beautifully fake to me, the kind of beauty that you knew could never be real and you'd never actually want it to be. But that's why they are toys, if they looked too real you could always just go get the real thing.


I turned on my CD player and as the eastern tunes of Bitstream Dream flowed softly through my room I sat back down on my bed, still in my jeans and tank top. My hands almost shakily put the batteries into the vibrators base. I turned it on and ran it slowly over my denim clad thigh, feeling the small tingles through the fabric. I sighed softly and laid back on the bed, placing my bare feet to rest near my thighs, spreading them slightly wide. I ran the length of the toy up my legs and over my stomach to gently tease my nipples and even through the small layers of fabric I could feel them tighten in response. Small sounds of happiness were coming from the back of my throat and I couldn't help but unbutton my jeans.

I just left them gaping slightly open as I ran the vibrating toy back down my torso to quiver slightly on the waistband of my underwear. My own skin shook in return. Even now I could feel wetness building between my thighs and it felt pleasurable. I ran the vibrator over my thighs again and it made my hips involuntarily rise. With one hand I slid my jeans off slowly while the other still held the toy.

I let the head of it follow the outline of my low-rise string bikinis, making me moan slightly louder. With my free hand I felt the puffiness of my outer lips through the sheer fabric and I smiled softly at the wet patch that followed up the line of my lips. I teasingly ran the vibrator along this line, making my hand grip the flesh of my thigh gently. I felt my body shudder softly. I felt the vibrations reach through my lips to my nub and I cried out softly.

I suddenly had the urge to be naked on top and I stopped teasing myself to throw my tank top over my head, baring my breasts. I ran the vibrating toy over my breasts gently, making my nipples tighten and puff up in response. The smooth and gentle pulses felt wonderful on my skin. I flicked my wrist and the vibrations got suddenly deeper. My clit pulsed in response and I wasn't even touching it. My nipples were erotically and painfully erect, but it was the pleasurable kind of pain I enjoyed. I teased them slightly still before I ran the length of the toy down my stomach and stuck it in the waistband of my underwear, just laying it there for a moment. I moaned softly and lay back staring at my ceiling and letting the vibrations sink into my skin. My clit throbbed angrily at the lack of attention and I could feel its beat harsher than my own heart.

I grabbed the almost forgotten bottle of lube, just in case I would need it. I hooked my fingers into the band of my underwear and slowly slid them down my thighs. I lay on my four poster bed, gloriously naked. The toy still lay halfway on my abdomen and halfway on the outer lips of my cunt. I picked it up and pressed the head of it into my lips, against my clit. My hips jerked in response and in the back of my throat I cried out. I felt the familiar wetness rush between my legs. My head pressed back into the pillow as my body moved as if on fire.

I picked up the lube, not taking any chances that could be painful, and spread some over the head of the toy. The cold slick feeling of lubricant against my clit aroused something deeper in me and I had the sudden urge to ram the toy home, but didn't. I let the slick head roll over my clit and dip slightly into my opening, in and out. I felt the lube warming up to my body heat and it felt fantastic. I rolled the head of the toy, making my fingers twist and turn. It rolled in slow circles in my hot wet hole. I felt myself tighten up slightly in a rejecting response before I opened up and allowed the hole head to be sucked into me.


My back arched slowly and I felt my hips rise of the bed as I slipped another inch into me, the veins causing an oddly sweet sensation. It was more textured than I was used to and it made my vaginal walls clench tighter to it. I slowly slithered more and more of the toy into me, making my body cry out deeper and louder. My thumb pressed into my clit and I felt the first rises of an orgasm. I finally had the toy into the hilt and I just left it there, letting my body adjust to the feel of it. I rolled my clit between my thumb and forefinger, slowly playing. My hips rose in time with my fingers. I grasped the base of the toy and switched it slightly higher and my body jerked in response.

I twisted the toy unhurriedly, making it cause a slippery motion of circles inside. It felt delicious and I felt my walls quiver. I felt the wetness seeping from my hole and past the toy, onto my fingers. My body shuddered softly in this small orgasm. It felt somewhat odd coming from just the slight sensation but I loved it. I flexed my fingers on my clit before my other hand slowly began to pull the toy out. My body moaned in response.

Suddenly I rammed the toy that was halfway out back in again, I cried out in spite of biting my lip. My hips dove and moved in the same rhythm as my hand as it started slowly fucking me. I felt my walls clench and release against the hard flesh of the toy. I turned the vibrations to full speed and as I felt the toy hit the back of my walls I came. My body shook with the force of it and my moans and cries were nearly inaudible grunts and breaths.

I lay silent for a moment, relishing the feeling of the hard veined cock inside of me. My walls still hummed with the vibrations and the sensations of the thick veins. I slowly moved the toy in and out of me again, bringing myself to another slow orgasm. I felt my juices running down the tops of my thighs and I sighed deeply. I turned my body over and lay hunched on my knees. I slipped the toy back into my tight hole, making me moan and arch my body at the same time. The tightness and slight awkward of the position of my hand on the toy made it wonderful. My hand pumped slightly faster between my bent knees as I fucked myself sweetly.

I felt another spasm grip my cunt as I came again. I rolled onto my back slightly, in a half sitting position. I placed my body in front of my mirror and I watched the hard flesh pounding in and out of me and I saw my walls clenching onto it for dear life, afraid it would leave. The simple act of being able to watch a cock fuck me brought me over the edge one more time and I came hard. I saw the small rivers of liquid streaming from the toy and my fingers as I fell back softly.

I moaned in spite of myself and I felt the languid breath of sleep coming. I slowly pulled the toy out of me completely and I felt the stream of juices that followed its recession. My body moaned and jerked softly. I finally fell asleep naked and with the vibrator in my hand and all I kept thinking was that I couldn't wait to enjoy this wild ride with someone else…

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