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New Neighbors

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New Neighbors

"It's been one long winter and today its 80 degrees and sunny, and Lisa hasn't been laid in a month. She is a 30 something female that's hitting her sexual prime, brown hair and eyes, 5'7" and a body that drives most guys wild. Her mind is constantly thinking of sex, and her pussy is constantly wet from lustful thoughts that just consume her.

Lisa notices outside that her new neighbor is outside washing his car, and she's been dying to meet him, wondering if he's noticed her stares in the mornings during his run as she wiggled out to retrieve her newspaper. His shirt is off and Bermuda shorts are covering the parts she's most interested in, and Lisa can already feel her pussy begin to anticipate fucking

She goes thru her mind on what might attract his attention, and she decides to wear her light-pink cut-off top (the one that barely covers her nipples and exposes the very bottoms of her breasts), her tightest and shortest spandex shorts (the ones that crease up inside her pussy lips and gives a great outline of her mound), bare feet and hair up in a ponytail, and dangly earrings to show that although she's a slut, she's a classy slut.

Lisa's yellow vw bug is parked in the driveway, and she gets out her bucket and soap and sponge and hose and positions herself on the side of the car facing Him, not 30 ft away. He notices her right away, trips over his hose, but manages to return her shy little wave with a grin. Facing away from him, her smooth legs together and straight, she bends over to fill her bucket...her shorts riding up her ass crack and she can feel her cheeks being stretched, and her breasts trying to fall out the bottom of her top. Lisa smiles to herself as she hears Him trip again, spilling his bucket and cursing. She looks over her shoulder, smiles, and asks Him if there's something that she can do for him. With his hands on his hips he just smiles, and replies that he'd rather be helping her at this point since his bucket is all smashed.

She tells him she'd love his help, and she begins to hose down her bug. He introduces himself as Gary and offers his hand, and when she turns around his eyes widen, her top a bit damp from the stray spray, making her nipples stand erect and pushing thru what little top is covering them. His eyes gaze up and down her tight body, a bit of soap on her bare belly, dripping down past her pussy, and Lisa's fighting the urge to reach out and touch his cock thru his shorts. She takes his hand and introduces herself as Lisa, his hands feeling strong around her wet palms, and she glances down to see the bulge in his pants beginning to show, and her pussy twinges, juices begin to flow as she can't wait to suck this guy's cock.


Lisa and Gary share some chit chat and flirt while washing and scrubbing, her top now drenched from "inadvertent" spray, her nipples now in full view thru the wet top, and the clingy wetness and rubbing of her top across her nipples is making her so fucking horny she can barely stand it, almost in a light orgasm as her incredibly tight shorts are rubbing her pussy and clit as she bends and stretches...her pussy juices flowing, but not being seen due to all the wetness everywhere.

And Lisa can tell by Gary's walk that his cock just has to be aching from being so hard and rubbing his shorts...the thick head outlined thru his wet shorts. She finally can't take it any more...her pussy needing fucked in the next few minutes to end the torture. With almost desperation in her voice she asks him inside for some lemonade, standing with her chest and nipples heaving, and without hesitation he smiles and walks her way.

He follows her tight ass into the house and before the door even closes behind him Lisa turns and wraps her arms around his neck, and tells him forcefully that he needs to fuck! He leans into her to press his lips against hers, and she eagerly sucks his tongue into her mouth, her arms tight around his neck, her top now lifted from stretching and her nipples are pressed (and rubbing) against his chest, his stiffened cock pressing against her pussy. Moaning into his mouth she pushes her hips to him to feel his cock rubbing her hard thru her spandex, her pussy now soooo fucking wet and ready...grinding her hips to let him know this slut needs a good hard fuck.

Gary releases his mouth and pushes Lisa back to the wall behind her...both of them grunting as he smashes her hot body between his and the wall, and he leans down to suck on her nipples...Lisa running her fingers thru his hair while he pushes up the bottom of her top with his nose to nibble and suck on each perky nipple...licking and pulling on each, causing her to moan wildly and push her chest to him for encouragement...his hands now kneading and pinching her breasts and nipples as he moves his mouth to her neck for hungry kisses and licks. Oh god Gary...fuck me...please!!!! She says over and over as she reaches down his pants to feel his cock in her hands...pre-cum everywhere and making her pussy drip with desire.

I wanted to fuck you the first day I saw you Lisa...Gary says, and he kneels down to pull off her shorts, kissing her tight tummy the whole time...nibbling down further and further, stopping just above her clit, but catches her leg as she raises it to step out of her shorts, and he eagerly licks her pussy lips...driving his tongue into her...his moaning vibrating on her clit, sending her body into an orgasm like no others...cumming on his tongue and face as she screams out his name, and her body shudders uncontrollably.

As Gary stands and steps out of his shorts, he immediately pushes the head of his thick cock into her still quivering and gushing pussy, the fat head stretching her tight and then driven deep into her...continuing her orgasm, and she wraps her arms and legs around him...Gary fucking her hard like he promised, his long throbbing cock feeling huge in her tight little pussy, and he thrusts harder and harder until their hips smacking is drowning out her moans, her body into its third orgasm now and her cumm dripping everywhere.

Lisa can tell by his moans and increased force that he's close...and she tells him loudly to fill her pussy with his hot cumm, and that his cock is soooo fucking huge in her tight wet pussy...and her nasty talk causes his cock to explode inside her, shooting hot cum deep inside her spasming cunt as he continues to fuck her hard...his head now so incredibly thick inside her...pumping load after load of cum into her drenched pussy...the throbbing of his cock pulsing deep inside her.


Standing still with his cock still buried deep inside her hot pussy, grinding slowly, Gary gives her sweet little kisses on her ears...nibbling on her lobes...whispering how fucking good her sweet little pussy feels milking his cock...mmmmmmm moaning from her mouth is all that fills his ears. Lisa whispers back that she hates to see all that cum dripping from her pussy...such a waste she says in a naughty voice as he continues his nibbling, up and down her neck.

He finally reacts to what she just said, stopping in mid-nibble, and he carries her to the couch, and sits with her still wrapped around his cock, plopping his ass on the couch as the both of them giggle from the site...but the sudden sit drives his cock deep into her, sending a wave of desire thru her body once again. Ohhhh god that felt good! Half screaming and half giggling, grinding her pussy down even further onto his cock, her head thrown back and enjoying his size and hardness...his hands on her hips helping her move in a slow sensuous grind. Gary moaning, Lisa... ohhh god!...I want you to suck me off this time...please!...I'm so fucking close again but want to feel your tongue and lips around my cock. Lisa smiles and leans forward and buries her tongue into his mouth as she climbs off his sloppy cock, both of them moaning as his thick head escapes the hold of her tight pussy.

Lisa slides down his body, letting his cock smear cum all along the way...from her pussy, across her tummy, between her tits, and finally across her chin and lips, at which point she hungrily licks up and down his shaft using just her lips and tongue (no hands), sucking his head into her mouth...her tongue swirling around his head...tasting old cum, and new pre-cum.

Gary's moans are loud and forcefully...ohh god Lisa!...please make me cum...just make me cum...suck me until I explode! With one hand she begins stroking his shaft, his head still just inside her mouth, her lips sucking and squeezing, her teeth raking across the rim. Her other hand slides under his half-raised ass, and she slides her middle finger into his ass, still wet from the dripping cum, and her finger slides past his anus and buries itself deep into his rectum.

He moans loudly in delight...Fuck me Lisa, fuck me and make me cum!! Her strokes are quick and he screams in pleasure as his cock explodes in her mouth, shooting hot cum to the back of her throat, her finger causing his ass to squeeze and lift off the couch, and back down, wiggling his ass on her finger and thrusting his aching cock into her still sucking mouth...cum spraying everywhere as his cock occasionally falls from her mouth from his erratic thrusting.

But finally his wave of cum is over...and her tummy is full, and warm, and she slides back up his body to take her position on his cock, to enjoy the warmth of his body as she leans into him, her head resting on his chest as he tries to slow his breathing, his body still slightly quivering as she cuddles against him, and he wraps his arms around her to hold her tight, new found friends feeling like it was meant to be."

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