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This is a true story I'd like to share. I mean, I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, I don't go and look for opportunities that is, although I have enjoyed girls sitting next to me on the bus when the vibrations make me get hard... I'm sure a lot of you guys know what I mean. (Sweats and boxer shorts, a deadly combination.)

Anyway, I had an experience, which I really enjoyed last time I was in Amsterdam (I like to travel). I have a friend whose name is Heldga who goes to school here in the U.S. She's Dutch, however she speaks English well enough to attend college.

Well, she's just a friend and all, but we are close. No sex, mind you, but there have been various "occasions" that have proven interesting. One of them was at her apartment, when she had meant to flash her boyfriend by raising her blouse over her head and had actually flashed me. (She has very nice tits, very big and her nipples are nice and dark.) When she did that she didn't flinch, she just smiled at me and finished getting ready our group night out (we were all going dancing and had planned on meeting up at Heldga's place).


I Well, later, on one of those nights when we were all too drunk to go to our own homes and decided to spend the night at one of our mutual female friend's dorm room, this girl and Heldga somehow decided that since I was basically passed out that they would make me comfortable.

They took off my shoes (That woke me up but I didn't open my eyes) then started to take my pants off. And again, I don't know if this happens to you too, (if you are male) but sometimes, with boxer shorts, you sort of just, you know, hang out. So, when they took my pants off they exposed me. God! What was going through my mind (I had let them do it, I had no girlfriend at the time, there were no guys around, you know, it was perfect.) I was hoping that being drunk they'd go down on me or something.

There was silence then some whispering, and then one of the two, I don't know which, took my penis in her hand and put it back into my shorts. I hadn't had sex in several months and the touch of a girl's hand got me hard, which is unusual, even if I'm drunk, but hey, it happened.

After a while I thought they had forgotten about me and when I chanced to open my eyes, I noticed that by getting hard (I was semi-hard, really) I had fallen out of my boxers again. This time I know it was Heldga who walked up to me and took it in her hand and put it in my shorts again. And she took her sweet time doing so. But she didn't do anything really. I wondered if she had been alone... with me passed out. maybe she would have been bolder, you never know.

But this is all a prelude to what happened when my girlfriend Kathy and I went to visit Heldga in Amsterdam about six months later. Kathy and I were new to each other and were still experimenting with each other's bodies, but it was hard to get kinky when traveling all over Europe of a day (it's hard to do anything on trains without getting caught).

Any way we decided with Heldga's help to rent a room in a guest-hof next to the red district in Amsterdam. When we got back that first night after walking around the district to find out what it was like we were sort of on a sensory overload, I mean, personally I didn't find any attractive prostitutes but it was still something that neither Kathy or I were used to seeing.

We slept in separate beds, Heldga in one by herself right next to Kathy's and mine. Out of the blue, while we were lying on our sides facing each other, Kathy started to stroke my dick. She pulled me out of my shorts and started to move her hand up and down looking into my face to get my reaction.

After a minute or two of this I looked over my shoulder to see if Heldga was sleeping and she seemed to be. I whispered her name and she didn't answer, so I let my girlfriend continue. Kathy kept at it for a while, but when I got hard we found it easier for me to lie on my back.

Kathy was now stroking me a little faster and the covers were making some noises, so I kept looking at Heldga, but she was on her side and was facing away from us, so I thought that it was probably more dangerous to have her hear the noises from the bed sheets than her actually turning around and seeing us, so I moved the covers off us.


TKathy had lost her virginity with me, she never had sex before, but had had boyfriends before me and she had to keep them happy somehow, so she was a master at hand jobs. One of her gifts was to know when I'm close to coming and somehow, she is able to stop me by stopping and squeezing the base of my boner so that she can prolong the agony. She's good at that.

So, quite a while passed while I was letting my girlfriend do her magic to me. I would get close and ready and she would back off and so on. And I had forgotten all about Heldga. When I finally remembered I glanced over and I caught her looking at us. She closed her eyes, but not quickly enough.

And then, for some reason, the thought of this pretty Dutch girl watching us made me so excited that I felt my come rising. I'm sure that Kathy wouldn't have liked it if she had known Heldga could see us (she's strange about that, but still has no problem hugging me in public, rubbing herself against me, giving me a hard on and then walking away, leaving me standing there with other people around.)

At this point I wanted to just come but my girlfriend wouldn't let me, so I pretended that I wasn't going to climax, and when I came it was a surprise for her. I ejaculated, but I didn't shoot (I rarely do) so her hand got all gunked-up, but she let it trickle down between her fingers, and I knew that Heldga was seeing all of this and it was such a turn on for me.

The only hint Heldga ever gave me she'd seen us was later sometime at the beginning of this quarter (Back in the US) when we were at Denny's talking with a bunch of people about partying-hardy and about how some people can just keep going and going, she said: "Yeah, and I am sure you can go for hours..." She gave me a knowing look that Kathy asked me about later.

I just said, "You know Heldga, she's always saying things that no one is sure what she meant. It's the language thing, you know."

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