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Vintage Wine

I had been living in the apartment building for three years. The two women had been next door for the past two. Over the course of time, we exchanged the typical pleasantries and small talk. Eventually we developed a comfortable but relatively casual relationship. I would help them out if they needed some heavy work done or if something needed fixing. They would reciprocate by presenting me with some delicious baked goodies, especially around the holidays.

They also helped me dress up my apartment by suggesting things like plants, accent pillows and other such things so much more appreciated by women. They would even invite me over for dinner occasionally. The meal was always exceptional since Donna was a trained gourmet chef. (Or would that be chef-ess? chefette?)

I always enjoyed it when I got the chance to see these two women but I never explored any romantic opportunities with them. I'm not really much of a "lady's man" and don't do too well when I'm around women. I guess I'm a bit shy really.

But for some reason, women seem to relax around me. I guess they figure that I'm not going to put some flashy moves on them. They sometimes treat me like their brother. I am not very threatening I guess.

That usually makes it all the more difficult for me to try to develop a romance. I suppose another reason was because I was seeing this other women pretty seriously. I like things pretty simple and didn't want to complicate one relationship and possibly screw up a nice friendship. Besides, if I started dating one, that would probably cause some ill feelings in the other. Too many ways to get into trouble.

That isn't to say I didn't fantasize about them. Many times I would allow my thoughts to wonder to torrid visions of sexual encounters with my neighbors, even as a threesome.

Our two apartments were in the inside corner of an L-shaped building that faced a picturesque hillside. The windows were extra large in the living rooms and bedrooms to take advantage of the view. This also meant that if the curtains were open, we could see into each other's apartments.

I typically kept the curtains in the living room open all the time, being the carefree bachelor that I am.


One of my favorite pastimes was to sit in my easy chair by the window and read. I also regularly glanced upward to see if Donna or Alicia could be seen. If they we made eye contact, we would usually exchanged a friendly wave. We were all pretty comfortable with the relationship.

Over time, I've seen the girls entertain the gamete of relatives, girl friends and boy friends. I must admit that I always felt just a bit sad when a boy friend was visiting and the drapes were closed as the evening progressed.

Eventually, and inevitably, my relationship with my girlfriend turned sour and we broke up. Even during it's best moments it could only have been described as flat and not terribly exciting. But a loss is a loss and I went through the obligatory depression and sorry-for-myself period.

So, one evening, while in this emotional funk, I was reading and happened to glance over the tops of my reading glasses and into my neighbor's living room window. There were about five or six women visiting and it looked like they were having some kind of party. This struck me as a bit unusual so I watched a little more intently.

It didn't take long for me to figure out what was going on. They were having one of those lingerie parties. One woman was presenting her wares to the invitees. They were drinking white wine and there was lots of giggling going on. I couldn't hear anything but from their gestures, it wasn't too difficult to imagine what they were saying.

"OH NO! I couldn't wear that!" a very over-weight woman must have been saying while she covered her mouth with one hand and pointed to the very small sheer teddy being held up by the matronly woman that was wearing too much make-up. I then saw slender Alicia take the garment and hold it over her tight fitting T-shirt and faded jeans. "She could wear that just fine," I caught myself saying out loud.

I went back to my book but checked in on the party occasionally. It eventually broke up around 8o'clock. I watched Donna and Alicia make their way around the apartment picking up after their guests had left. Although the hillside is nice, I rather preferred the view of two very attractive women repeatedly bending over in very tight jeans.

I was just about to finish reading and close my book when I took one more glance across the way. In the window was Donna waving at me as if she had been trying to get my attention for some time. She was mouthing "come over" and waving at me. There was nothing unusual about the request so I thought little of it and heaved myself out of my comfortable chair.

As soon as their door opened, I was greeted with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek by Donna. The stereo was playing pretty loud but I doubt if the two of them noticed it. They were probably pretty used to it by now. The air was pretty stale so it was a good thing that Donna went over too open the living room window.

There was a heavy odor of sweet cheep perfumes. I assumed that it came from the perfumes of their guests and the assortment of body oils, lotions, candles and incense that had probably been whiffed by the gathering. There was also another scent that I was much more interested in but I couldn't quite place. It was much more delicate and seemed almost straining to get through the other, more artificial smells. I liked it. What was it? I knew that smell.

Donna, now standing before the screened window, turned to me and said in a louder than necessary voice, "Wannaglass of wine? It's really good." She giggled then she went of to fetch a glass without waiting for my answer.

It was pretty clear to me that she was already quite familiar with that particular vintage wine. I have the feeling that they had spent most of the afternoon getting well acquainted with it.

Silently, I wondered, "Where's Alicia?"

As if on cue, out from the hallway swished Alicia. "Swished" was the only way to describe it! I could swear I heard a swishing sound as she went right past me towards the kitchen to join her roommate.

"Hi Rick," she said to me, and then stopped and talk to the closed kitchen door. "Hey! How do I look?" she asked the door.

I think she too had been introduced to the "good vintage" wine. Alicia stood a few feet in front of me facing the kitchen door. Like her roommate, she wore a T-shirt and jeans. But over this unremarkable ensemble was a pink and very sheer ...uh..wrap? nope, definitely not a robe. I'm not sure what you'd call it. It came down to the middle of her very attractive butt and was trimmed in some kind of fluffy stuff that ran around the lower edge and up the front. Even with the T-shirt and jeans I could tell that this garment had great possibilities.

Donna zoomed out of the kitchen and almost collided into Alicia. (I was to find out later that there would be a lot of "zooming" and "swishing" going on that evening.)

Stopping just momentarily, Donna said, "Looks great!" Then she continued her zooming, and zoomed right up to me. She handed me the wine, whispered into my ear, "Sorry to hear about Marilyn. But we love you." She again kissed me on the cheek. I guessed that I was supposed to take comfort in that.

Turning to her oddly dressed roommate she continued, "...but don't take my word for it. Ask Ricky here. He's probably a better judge than me."

I hated being called Ricky. I hated it even when I was eight and I hate it at twenty-eight. But somehow I resisted the urge to tell her so. What was that smell?

"So wadda-ya think Rick? Do ya like it? Does it turn you on?" Alicia asked sarcastically. Then she mockingly twirled in her little nighty getup.

"Kinda hard to tell but I think it has possibilities," I said casually as I took my first sip of the "good vintage" wine. Augh! The wine violently attacked every well-trained taste bud in my mouth. Did they really pour this from a wine bottle?

My remark didn't seem to register with Alicia. Donna sat down on the easy chair and I sat on the sofa with my back to the hallway. Alicia just zoomed back down the hallway intent on something, only she knew what.

"Had a party here today?" I nonchalantly asked.

"Yeah," Donna answered. "We had a bunch of girls here for a lingerie party. It was fun." She took a big gulp of her wine and then giggled. No doubt caused by a mental flash of the earlier festivities. "Got kinda crazy for a while. Especially when the sex toys came out. You know. Dildos and Ben-Wa balls and stuff." (I felt a little uncomfortable with the unnecessary clarification.) "But they had some pretty sexy clothes."

Then I saw her eyes open very wide with surprise. Her mouth did likewise. Her gaze shifted to just over my shoulder.

"Holy shit!" she gasped.

I could only assume that a huge oak hutch filled to capacity with very heavy earthenware was about to crash down and squash me. With an obvious ducking movement I swung around to see the instrument of my destruction. There was no hutch about to crush me, but the feeling of eminent disaster did not leave me. Alicia was walking towards us but oblivious to the fact that she had both of our undivided attentions. She was busy attempting to tie the two strings that served to close her new nighty just below the neck.

During Alicia's absence, she had removed her T-shirt and jeans and had also put on the rest of the little outfit. Under her almost transparent top was a tiny matching pink bra. It was cut extremely low and didn't quite cover her nipples that stood out hard and pink.

Since her top could only be closed above her breasts, it was open below them. Her very curvaceous and slender waste was exposed. The tiniest of pink triangles covered her womanhood and it was held in place by the thinnest of strings that made the most enviable trip over and around her lovely hips.

Once the top was tied, she opened her arms and asked, "How's this?" I think she knew the answer, which was good, because both Donna and I were speechless. Then she twirled without the mocking gestures. Her ample breasts bounced and jiggled with her movements. That bra was a marvel of textile engineering.

Once her twirl was finished, she slipped around the sofa and bounced herself down. Some parts of her body did more bouncing than others and also did it longer. I took a gulp of my wine.

"Holy shit Alicia," I heard Donna repeat. At least I thought it was Donna. I wasn't exactly looking at her when I heard it, but I assumed it was her. I might have been me but I'm pretty sure it was her.

"I take it you like this better?" Alicia asked.

"No shit!" is what I thought but did not say.

Donna turned to me and asked, "You're not into that pinky virginal sweetsy crap are you Rick?" Still unable to answer, she added, "I'll really show you something special." And with that she got up and did her own zooming down the hall.


"Well are you just gonna stare at my tits or are you gonna pour me some more of that good wine?" Alicia said with a radiant smile.

I got up, backed toward the kitchen, almost tripped over the coffee table and stumbled through the kitchen door. Once inside, I felt myself begin to breathe again. Sweat was beginning to form on my forehead. My heart was pounding. I leaned against the counter to collect myself. I looked for the wine.

"Hurry up in there Ricky!"

Among the messy hors d'oeuvres I spotted a green half gallon jug. That must be the wine. I grabbed the skinny neck of the bottle and made my way back into the living room.

As I entered, so did Donna from across the room. I dropped the skinny necked bottle on my foot. I didn't feel it.

"You strike me as this kind of guy," Donna asserted. She also twirled around.

She was dressed in a black-lace teddy with red lace trim. She wore black stockings with garter belts and black heeled shoes. The teddy was French cut well over her hips. That cut was almost as high as her neck-line was cut low. A wide and deep V plunged between Donna's large breasts. Beside her nipples there was little else of her breasts that couldn't be seen.

I stopped breathing again.

Donna moved over to me. She placed her arms around my neck and gave me another hug. I felt her breasts press against me. I also felt a tingling between my legs. I probably had experienced that tingling several times already but this was the first time that I had actually noticed it.

She slipped behind me without breaking her hug. Then she whispered into my ear, "This is what you want, isn't it? God, you're a sexy man. All you need is a big cock and you'd be perfect."

I guess technically, under that rather limited set of criteria, I could now consider myself perfect.

"Wanna show me?" Donna added as she came around to my front and backed away.

She took my hand and led me over to the sofa. I silently sat with Donna on one side and Alicia on the other. The two of them began kissing me. They started rubbing their hands all around my chest. What was I supposed to do now? AND WHAT WAS THAT SMELL! IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

I guess all men of any maturity eventually reach the point in an uncomfortable situation where instinct takes over. Like the point in time where an airline pilot knows he is going down and if he took the time to think about all the things he must do next, everyone would perish. Butall his training and gut instincts take over in such a crisis situation. He reacts with an inner knowledge and confidence. It becomes automatic. He becomes a machine that responds with lightning speed. His mind calculates and processes options instantly. There is never a moment of hesitation. He becomes a superman. All are saved. He is a hero.

I am no different. My mind and body knew what to do. Hell, one part of it was already doing it. My initial shock was quickly fading and was being overcome with much less sophisticated thoughts and urges. They were much more basic and primitive. I was rising to the occasion, literally. I couldn't let all those people in that plane die. One false step and we would be doomed. I had to perform brilliantly. It was all up to me. I couldn't let them down.

My mind, although a bit rusty, began to kick into high gear. Quickly the crust of inactivity broke away and revealed a still well lubricated and functioning mechanism.

With my arms wrapped around my two friends, I squeezed them close to me. They ignored the gesture and kept kissing me feverishly. Donna slid her hand down from my chest and pressed it between my legs. She cupped my balls firmly through my pants and repeatedly squeezed them. I felt my dick working hard to press from under her grasp. She would not let it. She followed the expanding member as it grew and started tugging at me.

Occasionally she would pause to slid her hand up and down its length. "You DO have a big cock, don't you?" she whispered loud enough for Alicia and I to hear.

I recall grunting something unintelligible.

Not wanting to blindly accept Donna's assessment for her own, Alicia's hand joined Donna's and they both stroked and played with me through my clothes.

I hugged the two women again and let my hand fall down from around their shoulders. I slipped each hand underneath their panties and found myself with two handfuls of the most delicious buttocks you could ever imagine. They were firm, warm and very smooth.

Leaning to one side caused my left hand to slip from Alicia's ass but plunge deep into Donna's panties. My fingers made their way down between her cheeks and around to the front of her crotch. They were pleasantly greeted by a hot steamy wetness that signaled Donna's aroused condition. The texture was delightfully thick and slippery. I was enjoying this as much as she obviously was. I pressed down further and allowed my middle finger to slip deep into Donna's pussy. At the same instant she stopped kissing my face, grabbed my crotch hard, and with a hot breathy expression of air, whispered into my ear, "Oh yes! Fuck my pussy. Fuck me."

I began to do exactly as she requested. I pressed another finger into her and started to thrust them in and out of her eager pussy. She was getting wetter by the second. She was also drawing into herself. Like a parachutist about to lunge through the open door of an airplane, she was preparing for her orgasmic plunge into oblivion.

She let go of my now rock hard penis. She stopped kissing me and let her head fall back on her shoulders. She sat more upright so I could press even deeper into her. Her breathing became faster and so did my thrusting. I could feel her hard little clitoris press against my wet palm. She was about to come.

Totally ignoring her friend, Alicia kept kissing my and sucking on my neck. But when Donna let go of my cock, so did she. It was for a different reason though. Her deft hands quickly undid my belt and zipper. My pants were soon shoved down to my ankles. With equal ease and with a little help from me, she slipped my shorts down as well. The she grabbed me firmly and held me straight up.

"Mmmmm," she muttered as if confronted with a long desired desert.

My heart was really pounding now, it had been forever since I'd been in a position like this. Alicia slid down off the couch and positioned herself between my legs. Looking at me with a naughty look in her lovely eyes she licked her lips, opened her mouth wide and sucked me in completely.

My body reacted with a shudder. Nosily and wetly she sucked me in and out of her mouth. She intentionally let large amounts of saliva drip all over me when she licked my cock with her mouth open.

Donna was totally unaware of anything but her impending orgasm. It began with quick erratic breaths. She fell against my shoulder, jerking with each spasm.

Mixed between her hot gasps I heard, "Huh...Huh...I'm coming...Oh, God!..
I'm coming...yes...Yes..."

And come she did. My hand first felt her muscles clench down on my fingers. Then I felt a flood of warm wetness. I quickened my movements. I was using my whole hand to rub every part of her. It got wetter and wetter with each spasm. I could literally feel pools of female cum collecting in the crevices of my hand. She wrapped her arms tightly around me as if trying to hold on against a violent wind.

Then she stopped moving. Her orgasm was over. I had never experienced so violent an orgasm in a women before and certainly not by just fondling her. She kissed me on the lips. Her full lips parted and I felt her warm wet tongue press between my own lips. Her breath was hot and panting. It excited me even further. I drew my hand from between her legs with a noisy squishing sound. I held her face in my hand while our tongues made their own love to each other.

THAT WAS IT! That was the hauntingly exciting aroma I had smelled earlier. Only now it wasn't bombarded by the smell of cheap wine and a multitude of perfumes of equal quality. My two friends, along with their guests, had gotten themselves so worked up that even that faint, sweet, exquisite, erotic scent could still be detected by a nose that truly knows no better thrill.

I touched our joined lips with my wet fingers. My nostrils filled with the wonderful scent of Donna's cum. I added the warm and slippery cum to our kissing. We both took delight in kissing and licking it from my fingers.

In a wicked and determined voice Donna promised, "I will also taste your cum before the nights over."

Our attentions now turned to Alicia who was dutifully devouring my cock. She was all over me like a crazed woman. She paid equal attention to my balls. She was very good at what she was doing. Each time she slid my boner between those luscious red lips of hers, I could feel the back of her tongue caressing me. Time and time again I intentionally squeezed my groin muscles full knowing that I was pressing more and more of my pre-cum into Alicia's wonderful mouth. Each time she just took me in that much deeper as if to say, "Give me all you can."

Donna stood up and removed all of her clothes while Alicia continued her expert work. She stood naked and beautiful before me. I reached up using both of my hands to massage breasts. I also spent some time teasing and caressing the small and very erect nipples. I occasionally returned a hand to between her legs to retrieve some of her magical wetness and used it to lubricate and excite her nipples. More than once she intercepted my hand and brought it to her mouth to lick the her cum from my fingers. She seemed to know how it turned me on to watch her do that.

Then Donna stepped around behind Alicia and undressed her. They were soon both naked. Donna interrupted her friend and said, "I want him to suck my pussy."

Alicia smiled with my dick still in her mouth and then stood up. The two of them slid me to the floor. Facing me, Donna straddled my shoulders and pressed her crotch down onto my face. She was still very wet with cum and I was more than eager to lick and suck it from her. I pressed my tongue far into her cunt and playfully lapped at the folds within her. I also flicked at her clitoris. That made her squirm about on my face and smear it with her warm cum.

"Oh you taste so good," I said somewhat muffled. "I love the taste of your cum."

"I'm glad," she replied. "I want to feel your tongue in my cunt. I want to feel you suck my cum from my pussy. Your tongue feels so good in me. Fuck me with your tongue."

Alicia said, "Stop for a second."

We looked at her.

"I want to have your hard dick deep inside my pussy. I'm so wet from sucking on your cock. I could taste your cum. It made me so fucking hot. I want you to fuck me. Look. See?"

She squatted over my cock and used the fingers of one hand to spread the lips of her pussy. Her exposed clitoris was erect and a very deep pink. Her other hand was busy rubbing it and spreading her wetness all over herself. And then a most remarkable thing happened. Her own caresses caused her to get so wet that a long strand of lubrication slowly stretched from her cunt. The clear slender thread stretched down continuously until it touched me at the tip of my extended cock. It was warm and wonderful.

Then she started using my cock to spread it even further. I felt like I was being tortured. She was stroking me up and down. I wanted to come so bad, she was driving me crazy.

I went back to licking Donna's pussy in hopes of delaying my orgasm. Then I felt Alicia sit down. My well slickened cock easily slipped deep into her hot little cunt. I involuntarily let out a deep gasp. So did Alicia.

Without a pause, she started moving up and down on my shaft. Each time she would draw me to the verge of popping me from her vagina and then she'd sit down again, impaling herself once more to the hilt.

"Oh God. You feel so good. Your so tight around my cock. I'm gonna cum!" "I want you to," Alicia replied softly. "Come deep into me Ricky."

Donna got up off of me and kissed me hard on my cum covered lips. Then she moved down closer to where Alicia was riding me. Donna reached under her friend and grabbed my cock. She began to stroke me while Alicia continued moving up and down. She also used her hand to help stimulate Alicia's clit.

Faster and faster Alicia moved on me. She closed her eyes and seemed to do what Donna had done when her orgasm was approaching.

She started to move erratically. Her chest expanded and contracted with deep gasps. Her wonderful breasts jiggled with her movement. Then she came!

I felt her squeeze me tight. Like Donna, Alicia came hard and a lot. I felt her cunt flow and cover my crotch with her warm cum. I could see my cock glisten with the clear slick juice that pressed out of her with each thrust.

This was all too much, "I can't hold out!" I warned.

They ignored me.

Every muscle seemed to contract at once. Alicia sat down on me and stopped moving. I felt my dick release a long burst of cum deep inside her.

"Oh yes!!" she squealed. "I feel you coming, I feel it!"

Alicia was slowly lifting herself up when I spasmed again. I saw my thick white cream ooze out from Alicia's cunt. She leaned far back. Donna then pulled my cock from with in her friend and started rubbing Alicia's clitoris with my still spurting head. I couldn't believe how sexy it looked to see her doing that.

Again and again I spurted. Each burst splattered long thick strands of white cum on Alicia's pussy and up along her abdomen. Donna then fulfilled her earlier promise. As my orgasm began to subside, she leaned down and sucked me into her mouth. She laid her face against her friends cum covered abdomen and eagerly accepted the last remaining spurts of my semen.

When my orgasm was over, she withdrew my spend cock from her mouth. Then I noticed that she hadn't swallowed my ejaculate, but now let it slide back out from between her talented lips. She deposited it back onto my cockhead and caressed its length with pursed lips.

With cum still clinging to her cheeks and lips, she now turned her attentions to Alicia's pussy just a head turn away. I watched Donna's tongue tickle Alicia's clitoris and occasionally press into her pussy still dripping with my cum.

Soon our passions subsided and we just looked at each other not sure what to say. We were content and satisfied. But maybe a little nervous about what we'd just done.

After a few moments I heard myself ask, "Got any more of that great vintage wine."

I deserved it. I had brought the plane down safely.


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