Singers Galore


by Anonymous2


The thing I hate most about breaking up with men, is the lack of accessibility to the one asset I love the most: their cock. When I do have access, that is when I'm in a relationship, I like to be aggressive and I like my men aggressive. Sometimes I pick a fight just to get my man started up, but this time it backfired. I guess Adam took me seriously this time. Anyway, I'm manless and in dire need for some action.

I put my long black hair up, wear long earrings, and pull on my favorite crocodile pants. I put on a long-sleeve mesh shirt that is nearly see-through and shows cleavage. I put on my black sandals and I'm ready to prowl the streets of North Hollywood, in search of a bar with the right aura.

I slowly stroll past a place called "The Byrds." The Byrds is small and packed. Something about it attracts me; maybe it's the vines along the brick walls give it a romantic artistic quality. I walk right in and sit by the bar. I'm staring at the liquor trying to decide which concoction to drink when I realize something strange-there are only women in here. Oh, well, I'll have a drink and then be on my way. I order a tequila sunrise and casually peruse the bar. I have never seen so much cleavage in my life! I see a stalky woman with a buzz cut. Wow! A real butch, haven't seen a real one before. Many of the women walk pass me without looking me over. Guess I don't turn on their sensors or something. I'm busy looking at the bartender, the only male, when I feel someone smiling at me. I try to ignore her, but she comes up to me.

"Aren't you Adam's girlfriend?" asks the smiling face. I look up and recognize Trini, Adam's cousin.

"Ex-girlfriend," I mumble. I gulp the rest of my drink.

"One scotch and another of what she's having," Trini says as she takes the
seat next to me. "Wanna' talk about it?"

"There isn't much to talk about. We fought, we broke up."

"What was the fight about?"

I gulp some air. "I started the fight by mentioning how one of his friends was eyeing me at dinner. He was, but I was only teasing Adam. We then got into this argument over how I always have to fight with him and how sex is always centered around me."

Trini raises her eyebrows. "Apparently I'm selfish," I explain. "You guys fought over sex?"




"Well, Adam says I'm a prude because I don't want to get it up the ass." We look at each other and burst into laughter. "He says I have a great ass for rear-entry, but I don't know."

"You're afraid of him hurting you?"


"You know what you need?"

"What? Don't tell me it's a good ass-kicking!" We laugh. Then, Trini looks at me seriously.

"You need someone who knows how to make you feel feminine and secure with yourself."

"What do you mean?" My heart starts to race. Is that true?

"You know what I mean. Look at the way your dressed," says Trini as she runs her finger along my neckline for emphasis. I blush. "Adam doesn't make you feel womanly does he?"

I think about why I'm selfish. I never like to touch Adam's ass. I never really found Adam all that attractive. I just like his mind. Oh, my God! Trini's right. When you're with someone you don't find that attractive, and you're not the only one who doesn't, you don't feel attractive. "You know, you're right. I guess that's why I needed to pick a fight with him, so that I can redirect my energy to sex!"

I finish my drink and order another tequila sunrise. "How`d you guess?"

"Portia, I know why you're out here. Now, I know you're not a lesbian, but girl-I know you're on the prowl!"

"Well, thanks for reminding me of my loneliness," I grimace. Then, Trini slides her hand unexpectedly up my thigh.

"Have you ever been curious?"

I smile. I always thought Trini was attracted to me. She was always sweet to me when we see each other, which isn't very often, and sometimes I felt her staring at me when I wasn't looking. Trini takes the meaning of the smile a different way and her fingers start sliding down and she rubs me inbetween my legs. I get nervous and gulp down the rest of my drink. I grab her hand, "Bartender, another one please!" Trini moves closer to me. I can smell her perfume. Her short blonde hair smells of a floral hair spray. Herbal Essence? "I can kill your curiosity," she whispers into my ear.

"I don't think I'd like it," I quickly comment.

"You won't know unless you try."

I hate it when I lose arguments. I stand at the entrance of The Byrds as Trini tells her friends that she's going home. She points at me. Her friends look at me, several raise their eyebrows questionably and one asks Trini something. They laugh and I hear one say lucky. I become silent as Trini comes over and walks me to her car. I'm even more silent as we drive to her place, not far away. I follow her through her front door and take a seat when she invites me to.

"Want some red wine?" Trini asks as she swaggers in her little miniskirt.

"Sure." The more alcohol the better. I imagine myself saying please doctor, something strong for the pain!

"What are you smiling about?" Trini hands me a glass.

"Oh, nothing."

"You sure? I was hoping it's about what I'm going to do to you." I guess I tensed up. "Don't worry, you'll like it!" Trini stares hard at me. I take a big gulp of my wine. Yes, doctor something real strong! Trini laughs at my reaction. "Why don't you take off your shirt and get comfortable?"

A little embarrassed, I listen. I take off my shirt and put it on a chair nearby. I sit facing her, my arms crossed over my bra.

"Let me." Trini moves next to me. She spreads my arms. I happen to wear a bra that fastens in the front. Trini's experienced fingers unfasten the front. She slowly moves the bra off my breasts and slides the straps off my shoulders. I shudder a little, causing my nipples to harden. "You've got beautiful breasts." She gently caresses my breasts, as she moves closer. "God, you're gorgeous."

Trini's lips meet mine. I push away and stand up. "Trini, I don't think I can do this."

"You're nervous, honey." She pours me more wine. "You're turned on, don't fight it." She wraps me in a chenille throw, puts her arm around me, and settles both of us on her sofa. "Shhh, everything's okay." She starts to rub my arms. "You relax, I'm going to change."

Trini comes back wearing a pantsuit; her blonde hair gelled back. She had done herself up to look mannish. "Thought this'll help." She sits back down and puts her arm around me again. She starts to rub my arms. I feel the calmness of the massage and the wine. I know I cannot fight it. The alcohol has made me physically weak. If I didn't want this, I would've left by now. Her fingers move to my shoulders; she lowers the throw to bare them. Her fingers move masterfully, unnerving me. "Oh," I moan.


"I know you're really sensitive," Trini grins. "You may act like you're strong, but I know you're passionate." Her hands move further down my back and she nudges me onto the arm of the sofa. "Adam's not right for you, he's full of words."

Trini opens a wound with the mentioning of Adam. I want to hurt him. I want him to pay for making me feel unattractive! I moan as Trini blows on my back-she really knows how to tease my senses! Her hands mold my flesh. I feel it yielding to her. I am hers now. Trini's hands move up and down my sides, making my nipples hard. Then she does something clever. She places her hands on my breasts as she presses her lips against my back. I feel the heat rush to my head. "Ah!"

It happens fast. My pants are pulled off with my panties. Trini licks my body. Her hand reaches for my hot nothingness and makes my wanting yearn. She licks me down there while she sticks her finger in me. I come on her face and close my eyes.

Her hands press against my nipples as I open my eyes. "I'm not done with you," she smiles viciously. Trini has been dressed this whole time. Now, she takes off her pants and reveals a realistic looking dildo. She orders me to turn on my stomach. I listen. I feel it's head rub against my clit. I gasp. Then, Trini teases me by sticking it in me slightly. She pulls it out. I hear her unscrew a cap. I look behind me and see she has a tube of lubricant.

"What are you going to do with me?"

"Don't worry, honey. You'll like it." She screws the cap and bends down with a pillow. She places the pillow underneath me. With one hand, she rubs my clit. I start to pulsate again. That is when she rubs the dildo against my ass and when I least expect it, she enters me. "Relax."

I relax. She slowly moves in and out of me. I gasp. Her hand runs down to my clit and she starts to stimulate me some more. I continue to gasp as Trini bends over me. She rubs my breasts and makes my nipples hard. "I've been wanting to do this to you for a long time."

"You're beautiful," she repeats slowly. I feel the pressure and start to breathe really fast. Trini is vicious, she is moving faster. "You're gorgeous!" she shouts over my moans. She grabs another dildo and inserts it in my pussy. Overcome by the stimulation I come-and have the biggest orgasm I've ever had! I feel my shoulders give. I keep coming. Trini doesn't stop until it's completely over. Sweaty and tired, I collapse on the pillow.

Trini drops me off by my car. "Bye, honey!" she smirks as she drives off. That'll be the last I see of her. I get in my car and think about what's happened. I've just been fucked in the ass! By Adam's cousin! By a lesbian! I laugh. I can't stop laughing.

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