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Shameless in Chicago

by Anonymous2

Shameless in Chicago

Abby banged her shin painfully on a chair in her haste to escape the conference room. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No-one seemed to have, so she fled the room gratefully. It was altogether too hot and stuffy in there, and the director of Tech Support was altogether too distracting.

Walking back to her office made her a little steadier on her feet. Since her recent promotion to supervisor in Accounting, Abby rated an office instead of a peon-cubicle. Not that it was any bigger than a cubicle, but it did have the benefit of some added privacy. She could goof off without worrying about people happening to look over her shoulder at her monitor to see that her "quarterly report" looked suspiciously like an astrology webpage.

Abby settled in front of her computer, still a little warm from having to sit across from Laura Taylor for an entire 2-hour meeting. *I hope I didn't blush too obviously when she started fiddling with that pen,* she thought. *That's the trouble with fair skin; blushing is always so noticeable. But, really, she has a very erotic way of sucking on the end of her pen. And of walking. And opening a briefcase. It's just not fair.*

She opened up her email program and drafted an email to her friend Jonathon. "New update on the crush situation: Sat across from Laura in our weekly management meeting this morning. I think you're wrong about getting over this the more I work with her. Today she took off her jacket and had a sleeveless top on underneath-and she's got the most beautiful biceps! God, butch women are gorgeous. If she's not queer, she's at least gotta be used to women hitting on her. Wish I could risk being out at this company so I could find out. Sometimes I sit at meetings and wonder if she'd like to tie me up and fuck me. Or what it would take to make her lose all that cool control. And then I hope to hell no-one can read my mind! See you soon, Jon. And you owe me an update on that guy Chris you keep talking about."

Email sent, Abby felt more able to concentrate on her work, and she was soon ploughing through spreadsheets and budget reports at a respectable rate.

The next week, Abby was once again trapped in a room with Laura. Laura was confidently making a powerpoint presentation of her department's newly completed projects, her strong fingers tapping the keys of her laptop. Her extra-short braids swung a little as she turned her head from the computer to the screen to her coworkers and back again to her computer.

Abby was shocked out of her libidinous trance by the words "email monitoring." She sat up straighter. She did send a lot of personal email on her work computer, but she knew she wasn't the worst offender.

". . . carried out by me personally so as to effectively monitor the time use of tech support staff as well," Laura was saying. "I sorted out personal emails from the correspondence of every single employee, but it is my conclusion that with few exceptions such email is not a significant drain on personnel efficiency. I would, however, like to remind everyone of what you were told when you were issued your account-the company reserves the right to monitor all email sent on our system. Anything you want to keep private should not be sent over the network."

Was Laura looking at her when she said that? Abby couldn't tell if she was or if it was just her guilty conscience. She could feel the blood in her cheeks. *Don't be silly,* she told herself. *She probably just checked for non-work-related subject lines. She couldn't have read them all.*

After the meeting, Abby gathered her things without really seeing them. She jumped to find Laura standing within arm's reach when she looked up. "Hey," she said nervously.

Laura's dark eyes trapped Abby's green ones. Abby froze, suddenly wanting to examine the carpet, her palmpilot, anything to avoid those velvet eyes. "I'll give you a ride to the El stop on your way home tonight," Laura offered. "It's on my way, and it looks like rain." "Err. Thanks. But you don't have to-I mean, really, it's ok." *Stop babbling,* Abby thought fiercely to herself.

"No, I'd like to. I have some things I'd like to discuss with you about your email account." Laura appeared strictly businesslike.

Abby kept her face carefully blank. *Oh, shit. What if I was totally wrong about her? What if she's a fundamentalist Christian and she outs me to the whole damn company? And never speaks to me again?* She played along. "Alright, then. See you at 5." Abby didn't get much work done the rest of the day. Laura showed up outside her office door at 5, and Abby followed her to her blue Lexus. As they pulled out of the garage, Abby tried hard to ignore Laura's hand on the gear shift. *Damn, if she never talks to me again after this I might just die of unrequited lust. But I won't lie about being queer if she asks. It's not worth it.*

They didn't talk. At a stoplight, Laura turned to her. "So, was it true?"

"Urgh, was what true?" Abby stalled.

"Would you really like me to tie you up and fuck you?" The words triggered an intense throbbing between Abby's legs.

"Yes," she blurted out. "Good."

Abby sat, shocked.

Laura continued to drive. She passed the el stop without slowing down. Finally Abby got up the courage to ask "Where are we going?" "To my place, of course. I'd drive faster, but I don't want to give the cops an excuse to pick me up for Driving while Black. They'd probably think I'm going to molest a pretty blond like you. Which I am. But consensually, of course." Laura had a really sly smile, Abby decided. And sexy. Abby didn't ask any more questions. It was safer for her state of mind and her underwear.

Laura had a loft in an area that was rapidly being gentrified. They rode up in a freight elevator. At her door, Laura turned and asked "Wanna back out?"

"No." Abby followed her inside.

"I was hoping you'd come home with me tonight," Laura confided. "I've had my eye on you for a while, and I was happy to see from your email it isn't a one-sided thing. So I've got a few things ready for you in the bedroom."

Abby didn't know what to say, but she knew she was blushing. And that other parts of her were affected as well.

"I want you to go in and put on what you find-it should fit. And the rules are: either of us can stop this at any time, ok?"

"Ok," Abby agreed. She went into the bedroom behind the partition to which Laura had gestured. Immediately, she was fascinated by the bed, which had padded restraints for ankles and wrists. In the middle of the bed lay what appeared to be leather underpants and a leather bra. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she said as she stripped off her suit and reached for the clothing Laura had chosen for her.

The bra was tight, and it had small holes through which the very tips of her nipples projected. The underpants seemed to be an odd construction, with a rigid cup covering the crotch. Both items had strange buckles, but Abby managed to get them on before Laura came back.

Laura was still in her grey suit from work. She smiled to see Abby's slender body contrasting against the black lingerie. "Nice. Now, from now on, you do what I say. Unless, of course, you want out. Got it?"

"Got it," Abby said, surprised at the wave of heat Laura's words provoked in her body. She watched admiringly as Laura stripped out of her own clothing. Laura's body was powerfully fluid, and Abby saw with a pleasant tingle that she wore boxers.

Naked, Laura approached and pinned Abby against the partition wall. The cold shock on her back made Abby's already hard nipples almost painful against the bra she wore. Her head fell back as Laura kissed and nibbled down her neck and shoulders, and she almost didn't notice when Laura snapped small padlocks through the buckles of her garments. Then Laura's tongue was in her mouth and nothing else mattered for several minutes.

Laura broke the kiss and licked the hollow of Abby's throat. Abby felt her hot breath on her nipple, then Laura's mouth sucking her through the opening in the bra. Laura drew her nipple out through the opening, and it stayed, trapped and throbbing with blood. Abby's knees gave way as Laura did the same to her other nipple.


Now both Abby's nipples were caught in the constrictive holes in the bra, and with every movement they brushed against Laura's smooth skin. Abby no longer cared if her moans made it obvious how much she wanted this. She could feel the slickness between her legs, smell her own and Laura's excitement.

"That's right, baby," Laura said as Abby slid to the floor. "Let it out." She easily picked the blond woman up and laid her on the bed, fastening her wrists and ankles securely to the wide cuffs. Abby had fantasized about this for months, but fantasy didn't compare. She'd never been tied up before, and she wasn't prepared for how much it turned her on. She whimpered.

Laura smiled her sly smile and proceeded to kiss and lick Abby from fingers to throat to swollen nipples to stomach to thighs to knees and back again. Her braids brushed tantalizingly against Abby's skin. Abby was struggling hard against the padded cuffs by the time she finished, trying to grab Laura and hold her in one place. The ache between her legs grew by the second.

"My, you do like this," Laura murmured, pulling back. Her eyes were mischievous as she pulled a small box out of the nightstand and turned a dial on it. Abby's body jerked as a vibrator concealed in her underwear started to buzz against her clit.

It was too slow! Just enough to tease, and Laura knew it as she watched Abby. "Please," Abby begged. Laura released Abby's restraints, then stepped back
out of reach when Abby reached for her. Abby fell to the floor again, her hands going to the leather that covered her crotch. But the leather was too tight to allow her fingers inside, and the little padlock frustrated her attempts to unbuckle the garment. She tried to grind her hips into the carpet to press the vibrator closer into her, but the rigid cup in the pants prevented this from having any effect. The rough carpet tugging at her tumescent nipples was driving her wild. "Oh, god," Abby groaned. She caught a glimpse of Laura's joyful face as the other woman watched her writhing in frenzied pleasure.

"What do you want, Abby?" she asked.

"Fuck me, please, Laur, I want you inside me!" Abby was past caring about dignity. Her whole being was focused on her aching need to come.

Laura pulled a strap-on out of the same drawer and quickly put it on. "I guess I won't have to worry about lube," she said, as she unlocked the buckle on Abby's underpants and slowly peeled them from Abby's sopping crotch.

"Oohhh," Abby cried as Laura spread her open and slid slowly inside. She dug her fingers into Laura's firm back. Laura thrust inside her again. And again. Abby's hips rocked to meet each stroke.
"Come for me," Laura whispered as she thrust deeply into Abby. Abby did, in a shuddering series of convulsions that left her weak, her cunt still spasming around Laura's strap-on.

Catching her breath, she was seized with a desire to make Laura lose her own control. Abby knew the friction of the base of the strap-on on Laura's clit had to have been incredibly stimulating. With Laura still inside her, she reached around behind and entered Laura's wet cunt with two fingers, stroking until Laura's back arched in a screaming orgasm and her spasms transmitted down the strap-on to make Abby come again. They lay exhausted in each other's arms.

Abby opened her eyes. "Do you think we could get away with calling in sick tomorrow?"

Again Laura's sly smile. "I think that could be arranged."

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